P-Series – Semi-Automatic Tablet Tester – Charles Ischi AG – OSD Testing Technology

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March 9th 2021

The P-Series semi-automated tablet tester measures tablet hardness with up to four more additional parameter test functions. The device has a compact footprint, combined with high quality and precision, easy clean design and adaptability to a full 21CFR part11 compliant testing regime – without PC software.

The P-Series tablet tester models are designed to bridge the gap between manual tablet testing and fully automated tablet testing, with respect to both technology and price, to provide a space and cost efficient semi-automated multi-check solution for oral solid dosage R&D & QC labs in pharma and nutraceuticals.

The range comprises the P3, P4 and P5 series, respectively testing batches of 20 tablets for three, four or five tablet parameters, scaling up from basic hardness, thickness and diameter, to add weight (P4) and length and width measurements in the P5 series.