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    L.B. Bohle HS Lifting Columns

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    May 26th 2023

    L.B. Bohle’s extensive range of world-class pharmaceutical process systems and equipment includes Lifting Columns that combine advanced form factors with ultra-robust engineering.

    L.B. Bohle HS Lifting Columns are used worldwide for simple as well as complex work processes and are particularly indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry for charging process machines such as tablet presses or coaters or in integrated manufacturing lines.

    HS Lifting Column Design and Features

    L.B. Bohle’s HS Range of Lifting Columns are designed and engineered for easy handling and long service life.

    Distinctively, the LB. Bohle Lifting Columns use electrically powered chain drive mechanisms that are very robust and simpler to maintain than the hydraulic drives used by competitors and also intrinsically hygienic for use in clean room environments.

    They are also designed to have a very compact footprint so that they can be integrated into production rooms where space is at a premium amongst the various process systems with their associated auxiliary units.

    L.B. Bohle meets these requirements with its HS SL lifting column design with integrated control units that require as little as 0.3 m2 of floor space and can therefore be used even in very limited spaces.

    Lifting Column applications

    Many years of experience in the area of handling technology have led to continuous further development of the HS lifting column, standardization and adjustment to the specific requirements in the industries. The versatility of the L.B. Bohle lifting column design allows it to be used across a range of pharma applications. including:

    • Transport of containers on horizontal and vertical levels
    • Filling/discharge of process machines (e.g., tablet coaters, tablet presses, capsule filling machines or sieving systems).
    • Integration in weighing systems

    Additionally, lifting columns can be fitted with containment valves for low occupational exposure work processes and can be also equipped with cleaning aggregates.

    The HS SL lifting column is operated via a touch control based on microcontrollers. The lifting column is controlled automatically by an intuitive user interface.

    L.B. Bohle offer three versions of the HS SL Lifting Column:

    • HS SL 1000
    • HS SL 1500
    • HS SL 2000

    These can handle maximum loads ranging from 1,000 Kilograms to 2,000 Kg.

    L.B. Bohle Lifting Column Advantages

    The design and construction of L.B. Bohle’s HS lifting columns offer users a clear set of benefits:

    • Standardized, space-saving design by integrating electrical and mechanical components within the lifting column
    • Ergonomic and GMP-compliant design that facilitates easy operation and cleaning
    • Precise positioning of containers at various heights and positions
    • Automated and semi-automated process sequences through the use of a PLC with touch-panel visualization
    • High flexibility through optional equipment and individual solution variants


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    Machinery for Your OSD Production

    L.B. Bohle HS Lifting Columns

    The slimline design of the L.B. Bohle HS SL Lifting Column allows it to be integrated into very tight spaces.

    L.B. Bohle HS Lifting Columns

    HS SL 1000 Lifting Column used in OSD production.

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