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    L.B. Bohle GMA high shear granulator

    products-servicesL.B. Bohle
    February 3rd 2023

    L.B. Bohle sets new standards for granulation systems for the pharmaceutical industry with a modular and integrated range of solutions. One of the basic components of its integrated and modular solution to complex granulation needs is the GMA series of High Shear Granulators.

    The GMA Granulator is a  system specifically optimized for pharmaceutical applications, with an impeller designed for high shear granulation and compression, to ensure an effective granulation process. The chopper prevents excessive granule growth and distributes the granulating liquid within the product.

    For the user, this system delivers benefits that include

    • Less liquid consumption
    • Easy discharging conditions
    • Closed system (isolated)
    • Granulation controllable by time, amount or power
    • Easier clean in place with all rinse water drained

    Technical features

    The GMA Granulator meets the well-established pharmaceutical need for high-shear granulators as a shaping method for particles, adding a binding fluid to the powdery particles in a closed tank that has an agitator blade and chopper.

    The agitator blade with its high-shear and compaction guarantees effective granulation. Dense granules are formed. The chopper prevents excessive granule growth and distributes the granulation fluid throughout the product.

    The GMA high-shear granulator system has been specially optimized for pharmaceutical applications and is designed for through-the-wall mounting. The core of the GMA granulator is the cylindrical process bowl with double dished heads. The shape of the tank in combination with the agitator blade geometry ensures an effective granulation.

    The bowl connects to the head section via electrically driven lifting cylinders, which allows it to be lowered down, i.e.  for inspections. The GMA granulation system works with up to 12 bars of pressure. The pressure-surge-resistant version features extremely strong tank lifting spindles that keep the tank sealed even in the event of an accident. The head section also has a filler neck for gravity feeding. The switch cabinet is also located directly on the machine at the rear.

    L.B. Bohle GMA High-Shear Granulator range

    L.B. Bohle’s high-shear granulation portfolio includes R&D systems for small production volumes as well as production-scale systems.

    The GMA range of seven machines can variously handle batch sizes ranging from 20 litres (GMA 10) all the way up to 960 litres (GMA 1200) in a single pass, with footprints supporting a wide range of production environments.

    Integrated solution – Compact granulation module

    GMA high shear granulators combine with BFS fluid bed dryer and BTS dry sieving platforms to offer a full range of integrated solutions that can be scaled to different applications.

    The Bohle compact granulation system can integrate the individual components of the GMA high-shear granulator, BTS wet-sieve, BFS fluid bed granulator and dryer, Bohle Uni Cone BUC®, cyclone separator, and BTS dry sieve perfectly into one combined unit to carry out an end-to-end process that includes cleaning, control, explosion protection, zone concept and qualification.

    The units are designed to form one compact module for extreme space-saving installation with component closely grouped and supporting direct product transfer under full containment, incorporating tangential sieve and additional drain valve to remove need to modify transfer and drainage during the process.

    BFS range and benefits

    L.B. Bohle offers its BFS fluidized bed systems in combination with the GMA Granulator in a range of different sizes and technical designs (see table below for main features and variations).

    For the drying process, the BFS fluidized bed system can be equipped with an online moisture measurement system using NIR technology (similar to infra-red analysis). This innovation makes it possible to identify the current moisture level, precisely and reproducibly, during the granulation and drying process.

    The various permutations of the total compact granulation system include:


    Click on High-Shear Granulation GMA for further information.
    Click on Compact Granulation System – BFS and GMA to learn more about integrated solutions.
    Visit our Technology Center and Service Center virtually in a 360° tour.


    Machinery for Your OSD Production

    L.B. Bohle GMA high shear granulator

    L.B. Bohle GMA 600 Granumator High Shear Granulator.

    L.B. Bohle GMA high shear granulator

    Complete solution: GMA 600 (left) paired with BFS 240 Fluid Bed Granulator and Dryer, all under integrated control from wall-mounted remote operating station (right).

    L.B. Bohle GMA high shear granulator

    GMA system agitator blade (center) is designed for high-shear and compaction to ensure effective granulation with dense granules while chopper blade (right) prevents excessive granule growth and distributes the granulation fluid throughout the mix.

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