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    L.B. Bohle BFC 50 Tripan Filmcoater

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    June 20th 2024

    The L.B. Bohle comprehensive range of tablet coating solutions for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry includes the BFC 50 Tripan tablet coater. This very flexible coating unit can be operated with three pans, which can be quickly re changed using a lifting device, to handle a wide range of batch sizes.

    Process control is via computerized InTouch visualization incorporating a broad range of batch management and recipe preparation tools.  Suspension supply uses a single pump head with cleaning facilitated by high-pressure system inside the pan.

    BFC 50 Tripan advantages

    L.B. Bohle’s leading position in tablet coating is sustained by a series of technologically advanced design features that enable these machines to deliver first-class product processing with excellent profitability. On the BFC 50, these features include:

    • Tablet coating system with three coating pans of different sizes, quickly interchangeable using integrated lifting device to handle batch sizes from seven liters all the way up to 75 liters.
    • Long drum geometry combined with elongated flat tablet bed and twin spiral helical baffles with continuously varied inclination angle to ensure optimal movement of the tablet cores. The combination of pan geometry with blending and conveyor elements ensures more homogenous mixing and gentler tablet handling for minimal damage and wastage.
    • Six state-of-the-art coating nozzles with adjustable oval spray pattern and “anti-bearding caps” that allow very precise control over nozzle-to-nozzle distance, a key factor in ensuring perfect spraying.
    • Supply air and exhaust air directed through pan perforations onto the tablet bed to reduce turbulence and create a cold environment in the spraying area to prevent premature drying of the suspension.
    • Computer-based InTouch visualization control system that provides extensive batch management functions and a wide range of recipe creation options.
    • Integrated high-pressure cleaning inside the drum guarantee perfect cleaning results and secure faster batch changes.
    • Suspension supply to all six nozzles from a single peristaltic pump head for easier maintenance

    BFC 50 Tripan benefits

    The BFC 50 Tripan tablet coater offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a set of clear and tangible benefits that include:

    • Best in class coating quality
    • High-cost effectiveness
    • Wide range of batch sizes from 7 to 75 liters
    • User friendliness
    • Extensive batch management options and recipes
    • Fast and simple cleaning
    • Robustness and reliability


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    Machinery for Your OSD Production

    L.B. Bohle BFC 50 Tripan Filmcoater

    BFC 50 Tripan drum cover slides fully clear for quick and easy pan interchange.

    L.B. Bohle BFC 50 Tripan Filmcoater

    Range of Tripan twin spiral drums handle batch sizes from 7-14 liters (left) to 25-75 liters (right).

    L.B. Bohle BFC 50 Tripan Filmcoater

    Tripan storage trolley also functions as lifting/loading device.

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