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    H-Series – Charles Ischi AG – Advanced Tablet Breaking Force Testers

    videosCharles Ischi AG
    June 16th 2021

    H-Series Range

    There are four machines in the H-Series range. All use the same operating procedure: Place tablets in the testing station, choose or set up a product recipe on touch screen, and click Start. The operator then tests tablets individually before dropping them into a collection receptacle. Test results are displayed on screen and can be printed, exported or saved to local memory.

    H2: Tests hardness and measures diameter

    • H3: Tests hardness and measures diameter and thickness.
    • H4: Tests hardness and measures thickness, length and width.
    • H5: Tests hardness and measures thickness, length, width and weight of tablets, connected with an external Mettler, Sartorius, or Precisa balance.

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