Euker takes innovations to USA via PHARMA EXPO Chicago

Euker takes innovations to USA via PHARMA EXPO Chicago

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OCTOBER 27, 2014

Marburg, Germany: – Specialist German pharmaceutical printer Euker Marburg is bringing its highly innovative new form Patient Alert Card (PAC) and patented Outsert 2in1 combined leaflet solutions to an American audience at next month’s Pharma Expo show in Chicago.

Visitors can find Euker at Booth 1039 at the McCormick Centre for the PHARMA EXPO, opening on November 2.

The Euker Marburg team will be showing the company’s revolutionary Outsert 2in1 label sealed enclosures that open out into two separate leaflets in the hand. Remarkably, the Outsert is cut actually during the folding process for lower costs and zero pharmaceutical risk.

New form PAC

The company will also display the even more recent new form Patient Alert Cards (PAC) that fold to credit card size, while opening into full leaflets that contain all relevant information.

Euker will also show sample combination bundles that can bring together leaflets, booklets, outserts or Labels in integrated products, bound together with just two perforated labels.

“This will be the first opportunity for most Americans to see these products up close and personal,” said Euker’s managing director Robert Mägerlein.

Innovative design

Euker’s enhanced value secondary packaging products; labels, leaflets, mini-booklets and bundles; have found many buyers among European-based pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics manufacturers but are only now being shown in North America.

“We believe the Pharma Expo will open many doors for us in the USA, since these advanced offerings emphasize our ability to use innovative design and leading edge production technology to delight our customers and enhance their product offerings,” said Mr.Mägerlein.

Euker can be found on the booth with tec4check, which is promoting its advanced MediaCheck Workflow print proofing system as the first true client-server architecture that works across all platforms.

About Euker Marburg

Eukerdruck GmbH & Co, also known as Euker Marburg, is a specialist print and secondary packaging producer for the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries.

This family-owned company produces a wide range of labels, leaflets, mini-booklets and other products from its modern plant in Marburg, north of Frankfurt am Main. It excels in meeting the specialized requirements of pharma and cosmetics companies for their printed matter, which must conform to particular dimensions, format types, production tolerances, quality requirements, and safety aspects.

Euker Marburg prides itself on its attention to detail, customer relations and abilities to innovate and to work as a creative partner. It also boasts high production capacity, with daily output exceeding five million labels, four million package inserts and one million booklets and brochures.

Euker Marburg delivers some 20,000 orders a year in a multitude of languages to manufacturing companies around the world. Its products divide into three main categories: labels, packaging inserts and booklets, with related capabilities to assemble combined packages, using fully automated confectioner machinery developed especially for this purpose.

About PHARMA EXPO 2014

The annual PHARMA EXPO Processing and Packaging Tradeshow is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for the pharmaceutical industry, attracting more buyers from the USA than any other sector event, along with 5,000 international visitors representing 130 different countries worldwide. The event is co-located with PACK EXPO International and presented jointly with the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

PHARMA EXPO 2014 will be held November 2-5 at the McCormick Center in Chicago and is expected to attract more than 50,000 visitors, with some 1,800 suppliers represented. The 2014 event has also attracted a record number of more than 50 trade organisations into the Partner Program offered by the show’s organizers, the PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, which owns and produces the PACK EXPO portfolio of trade shows.

The show will also feature four specific pavilions focusing on Brands, Processing, Confectionery and Reusable Packaging.

Along with the exhibition, there will be a three-day conference program and numerous specialized Education Zones.

Broadcaster and comedian Jay Leno will headline the PACK Gives BACK™ reception and entertainment session at the end of Day Two.

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Robert Mägerlein, General Manager, Euker Marburg
Tel: +49 6421 954 120, +49 6421 9540


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