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Pharmaceutical leaflet printing

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May 25th 2015


Eukerdruck (Euker Marburg) are highly experienced in all aspects of leaflet and insert production, currently printing around four million package inserts and one million mini booklets per day.

Euker’s production lines deliver approximately 20,000 orders a year in numerous product variants and in a multitude of languages to pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. These can meet any type of company need, ranging from consumer information to supporting integrated marketing campaigns.

Creative ideas and purposeful dedication are behind the innovative products and solutions we develop – such as the outsert 2in1 and our patient alert card. Our customers appreciate Euker’s creative approach to leaflet and insert design, with an analytical approach to the most cost-effective solution.

Leaflet and insert formats

Euker offers pharma customers a wide choice over leaflet and insert formats, limited only by customer choice and imagination. These range from information inserts for tablet packaging or cosmetics to sweepstakes cards attached directly to the product.

Standard products include special folding formats such as inserts and outserts down to a minimum finished format of 25 x 25 millimeters, equipped with adhesive points where necessary.

All Euker leaflet and insert manufacturing is done in-house with specialist printing, folding and punching machines capable of producing any required format or color. Finished leaflets are delivered on rolls or sheets in required forms and colours.

Main leaflet choices include:

  • Package inserts on rolls
  • Package inserts on sheets
  • Inserts
  • Outserts


Eukerdruck can deliver finished leaflets on rolls for customers with their own high speed or desktop application systems.


Euker can provide leaflets or inserts in Open Sheet format (max. 1050 x 750 mm) or Folded Sheet down to 25 x 25 mm size.


Printed matter for the pharmaceutical food and cosmetics industry can be highly specialized with various factors such as dimensions, format types, production tolerances, quality requirements and safety aspects, all forming key parts of the design. Euker can provide Cross-Folded inserts to integrate into folding cartons or Parallel-Folded Inserts that can be folded as small as 25mm for high speed automatic insertion.


Euker can produce all the most popular outsert formats, such as Right Turn Angle (RTA) in which two-sided printing with up to 210 panels can deliver detailed product information in a very compact package. Using the latest RTA outsert folding machinery permits more than 4,000 cm2 of content to be fitted into a folded and spot glued outsert just 3.2 cm square for Topload placement.

Uniquely, Euker can also provide the highly innovative Outsert 2in1℗, a folded enclosure format that allows the client to insert two leaflets into the package using just one packaging line station.

The Euker Outsert 2in1 appears as a single insert that opens up to present two separate leaflets printed on one sheet. The Outsert 2in1 is folded and sealed by glue points or perforated labels. Euker’s machinery allows the outsert to be cut during the folding process. Benefits include elimination of perforation that can tear into the text and zero risk of bundling wrong combinations. The Outsert 2in1 runs on packaging lines as efficiently as any conventional outsert.

Printing capabilities

Euker Marburg’s modern and sophisticated printing machines can support a wide range of technical capabilities and leaflet characteristics. These include:

  • Single pass using up to eight colours
  • Offset-printing
  • On rolls or as sheets
  • Printing on a wide range of papers and special materials
  • Formats up to 1050 x 750 mm and down to 25mm x 25mm
  • Pre-folded and small-fold formats
  • Boarded covers
  • Closed leaflets with 1 or 2 labels
  • Two or three leaflets/inserts combined as a single bundle


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Supplier Information
Supplier: Eukerdruck GmbH & Co. KG
Address: Marburger Strasse 92, D-35043 Marburg, Germany
Tel: +49 6421 954 0
Fax: +49 6421 954 190

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