Euker companies introduce Supplier Managed Inventory ordering

Euker companies introduce Supplier Managed Inventory ordering

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JANUARY 21, 2016

Marburg, Germany: – Specialist pharmaceutical printing group Euker has introduced a further innovation in the form of ‘paperless’ ordering via Supplier Managed inventory (SMI).

The vendor managed inventory makes it possible for customers of Eukerdruck (Euker Marburg) or Pharma Druck of Dresden to obtain quicker deliveries without the need to raise a prior purchase order. It will apply to all labels, leaflets, outserts and booklets produced by Euker in Marburg or Pharma Druck in Dresden.

It replaces the previous way in which the companies received purchase orders that defined article required, quantity to be supplied and delivery date.

Simplified collaboration

“With more than 20.000 production lots per year, we have been dealing with huge quantities of purchasing orders and confirmations. These represent enormous effort for our customers, as well as for us,” commented Euker Managing Director Robert Maegerlein.

Under the new process, collaboration, liaison and ordering are all simplified, with all commercial aspects covered by existing overall contract, requiring only logistical and technical information to be supplied for each specific order.

“We can now receive specific order data via SAP or file exchange,” said Mr. Maegerlein.


“As soon as the data is ordered into the SMI system, we can ensure the required labels, leaflets and booklets are available for the production of our customers in time and quantity within agreed minimum and maximum stock level,” he explained.

“Our customers save administrative costs and logistical efforts. We can plan our production more flexibly and avoid bottlenecks. So this new way of collaboration represents a real Win-Win for our customers and us.”

About Euker

The Euker group of companies owned by the Maegerlein family consists of Eukerdruck GmbH & Co (also known as Euker Marburg), Pharma Druck of Dresden and Tec4check.

Euker Marburg and Pharma Druck are both print and secondary packaging specialists for the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries, producing a wide range of labels, leaflets, mini-booklets and other products from modern plants at Dresden and Marburg, north of Frankfurt am Main. Both excel in meeting the specialized requirements of pharma and cosmetics companies for their printed matter, which must conform to particular dimensions, format types, production tolerances, quality requirements, and safety aspects.

Tec4check GmbH, also based at Marburg, specializes in offline inspection systems for packaging providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company markets both stand-alone systems that run on PC platforms and workflow systems that use client/server-architecture. Tec4check systems are used worldwide for pre-press proofing and package quality inspection.

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Robert Mägerlein, General Manager, Euker Marburg
Tel: +49 6421 954 120, +49 6421 9540


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