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Pharmaceutical label printing services

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April 29th 2015


Experienced pharma label printers

Eukerdruck (Euker Marburg) offers a wide and sophisticated range of pharmaceutical labels of almost any type.

Euker offers pharma customers a wide choice over label format, colors, materials and adhesive properties. The final label format is limited only by customer choice and imagination.

Special labels can be custom-tailored to individual requirements, to include refinements such as lamination or integral holograms.

Available label formats

Euker’s state of the art computer controlled printing machines can produce special label formats such as shrink sleeves or inmoulds.

Finished labels are delivered on rolls or sheets in required forms and colors. Where needed, labels can be provided with individual numbering to support customer’s logistics.

Multi-layered labels
Euker can design and produce a wide range of specially folded (hinged) or layered labels for customers that need to provide more information within a compact space. Multi-layer labels are perfect for applications such as preliminary instructions, multiple languages, safety notifications and other multi-step instructions. Sophisticated lamination capabilities mean it is also possible to produced layered designs that provide additional information IN-label or labels with laminated protective coating.

Braille labels
Euker’s self-adhesive transparent braille labels give blind readers access to information on the packaging to meet regulatory requirements.

Vignettes and Security Features
Vignettes, special barcode and price tag labels in many national pharma markets, can carry additional security printing features including micro-text, UV devices and fine guilloche elements, as well as retro-reflective layers. Multi-functional printing systems can handle foil stamping, holographic images, along with ‘puzzle’ die-cutting to provide even greater security.

Self-adhesive or Wet-adhesive labels
Most customers select self-adhesive (SA) labels with a sticky back layer for pressure attachment. However, wet-glue (WG) labeling is sometimes preferred for robustness or lower cost over long print runs, particularly on bottled products. Euker can provide labels in either format.

Shrink sleeve labels
The pharmaceutical industry has joined food and drink and other industries in embracing custom-printed shrink sleeves for bottled and other products. The potential for all-around graphics creates potential for eye-catching designs. Euker can supply shrink sleeves in many materials that will shrink to product shape when heated. Shrink sleeve labeling allows cost effective product decoration on complex shapes and eliminate the need for custom-printed outer containers.

Inmould labeling (IML)
First used on shampoo bottles, inmould labeling (IML) combines injection molding or thermoforming with reel-fed systems to produce labeling that is an integral part of the product form. The process is based on applying a heat seal layer to the label reverse along with a substrate carrying heat resistant ink plus heat resistant lacquer coating.

Printing capabilities

Euker Marburg’s modern and sophisticated printing machines can support a wide range of technical capabilities and label characteristics. These include:

  • Single pass using up to 10 colours
  • Offset-, flexo printing
  • On rolls, as sheets
  • Printing on paper or foil
  • Individual numbering
  • Formats up to 500 x 330 mm
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Hologram application


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Supplier Information
Supplier: Eukerdruck GmbH & Co. KG
Address: Marburger Strasse 92, D-35043 Marburg, Germany
Tel: +49 6421 954 0
Fax: +49 6421 954 190

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