Family look websites for Euker and Pharmadruck printers

Family look websites for Euker and Pharmadruck printers

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Press Release | Eukerdruck GmbH & Co. KG

MAY 26, 2016

Marburg, Germany: – Specialist pharmaceutical printing group Euker Marburg and Pharmadruck Dresden have moved to a redesigned and unified web presence.

The two sister companies are now represented by websites that exhibit the same lime green “house colors” and that emphasize shared innovations such as Tamper Evident Labeling, Patient Alert Cards and the ingenious Outsert 2in1 double leaflets in single enclosure system.

Mobile friendly

The new websites have also been engineered for mobile, designed for browsing from smartphones and tablets.

The websites feature ‘top line’ content on company profile and history, activity sectors, key products and services, along with dynamic display of latest news from the Euker and Pharmadruck family.

The sites also feature the group’s new ‘paperless’ ordering via Supplier Managed inventory (SMI) that enables customers to obtain quick deliveries of labels, leaflets, outserts and booklets without the need to raise a prior purchase order.

CCL merger

This major upgrade of the German printing specialists’ online presence comes as the Euker and Pharmadruck and their 300 employees prepare to move into the healthcare division of CCL Industries, a leading worldwide producer of labels and packaging solutions.

Brothers Dietrich and Robert Mägerlein will remain Managing Directors of Euker Marburg with Christian Mägerlein retained as Managing Director of Pharmadruck Dresden.

The merger allows CCL to significantly widen its offer to the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, adding leaflets and booklets of the types that Euker and Pharmadruck have helped to pioneer.

About Euker

The Euker group of companies owned by the Maegerlein family consists of Eukerdruck GmbH & Co (also known as Euker Marburg), Pharmadruck of Dresden and Tec4check.

Euker Marburg and Pharmadruck are both print and secondary packaging specialists for the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries, producing a wide range of labels, leaflets, mini-booklets and other products from modern plants at Dresden and Marburg, north of Frankfurt am Main. Both excel in meeting the specialized requirements of pharma and cosmetics companies for their printed matter, which must conform to particular dimensions, format types, production tolerances, quality requirements, and safety aspects.

From July 2016, Euker Marburg and Pharmadruck Dresden will become members of the CCL Label division of CCL Industries, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Tec4check GmbH, also based at Marburg, specializes in offline inspection systems for packaging providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company markets both stand-alone systems that run on PC platforms and workflow systems that use client/server-architecture. Tec4check systems are used worldwide for pre-press proofing and package quality inspection.

Media Contact

Robert Mägerlein, General Manager, Euker Marburg
Tel: +49 6421 954 120, +49 6421 9540


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