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    Dec Group announces new webinars on materials processing

    news-releasesDec Group
    May 20th 2020

    Ecublens, Switzerland: – Dec Group is increasing its emphasis on online webinars as the best way to share knowledge with stakeholders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected expos and networking events worldwide.

    Dec Group has announced two webinars for late May, including a learning workshop on the benefits of modular concepts for pharmaceutical production facilities, from raw materials handling through to final packaging.

    Eliminating bottlenecks in production

    The handling of potent or sterile powders is usually the bottleneck in the design of a facility leading to needless process complexity and cost. As a recognized expert in high containment manufacturing equipment and process isolation technology, Dec Group offers comprehensive solutions for highly toxic, sterile and toxic-sterile materials that can overcome common hurdles.

    The Dec Modular Pharma Facility Webinar will be hosted on May 28, 2020, starting at 1400 hrs (UTC/GMT +2) with online registration now open (see Resources).

    The modular pharma facility

    The one-hour webinar will demonstrate Dec’s modular approach to designing manufacturing process flows and facility layouts, allowing for greater containment, easier cleaning , increased sterility, faster product changes and generating higher overall productivity.

    Topics include:

    • Control of supply chain from raw materials to end user delivery
    • Comprehensive process optimization across the whole pharma value chain
    • Avoiding bottleneck delays and inefficiencies in materials handling
    • Linking processes; from batch towards semi-continuous manufacturing
    • Contained powder handling with OEB 7 hazard band products
    • Reducing clean room requirements and overall footprint
    • Quick product changes with inline cleaning
    • Latest trends in patient delivery systems associated with highly automated aseptic filling lines.

    COVID-19 response

    Dec Group Marketing Coordinator Gabriela Mikhaiel says the webinar is a response to the CV-19 coronavirus crisis on two levels.

    “With the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on pharmaceutical supply chains, boosting local active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing and ensuring domestic drug production needs to be actively supported. This is the right time to consider how to quickly implement a new state-of-the-art modular high potency pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and taking the opportunity to integrate the latest patient delivery systems,” said Ms. Mikhaiel.

    “We have also had to consider that Dec organizes and participates in many events throughout the year such as exhibitions, conferences and seminars. The COVID-19 pandemic of COVID-19 has seen many events having to be canceled or postponed. So this is our solution for delivering equivalent knowledge-sharing directly to our stakeholders’ screens,” she added.

    Dec Group is also teaming up with Swedish-based bioprocess, chemicals, fine chemicals and food process specialists Thurne Teknik AB to host a webinar on Containment in the Food Industry that will examine transfer and handling of ingredient powders under high isolation. This webinar will be held on May 27, 2020 between 1400 and 1500 hrs (UTC/GMT+3).

    About Dec Group

    Dec (Dietrich Engineering Consultants) Group is a leading global provider of contained powder handling systems and is recognized as a world-leading expert in process containment technologies. It has been supplying the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries for more than 30 years.

    Headquartered near Lausanne, Switzerland, Dec Group has a global presence with subsidiaries and agents in more than 30 countries including subsidiaries in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, India, China and the USA.

    In excess of 600 companies worldwide have successfully integrated more than 9000 Dec systems into their production sites. These include a wide range of patented products that enhance safety, hygiene, containment, reliability and productivity in powder handling.

    Dec offers innovative approaches across the range of powder handling and process containment applications, including transfer, micronizing, filling/emptying, sampling, blending, dosing, aseptic solutions, milling, isolators and advanced cleaning (CIP/SIP) features.

    Further information at:


    Click on Modular Pharma Facility Webinar to register.
    Click on Containment in the Food Industry Webinar to register.


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    Dec Group announces new webinars on materials processing

    Dec’s Isocharge is one of the PTS-connected modular solutions used to allow efficient materials handling under high containment

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