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    CPC Biotech steps up heparinases production as CV-19 coronavirus response

    news-releasesCPC Biotech s.r.l
    June 10th 2020

    Monza Brianza, Italy: CPC Biotech, the specialist supplier of enzymes to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, has increased its production of heparinases in response to the global coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

    With ever greater emphasis on positive testing for the virus and for antibodies to indicate immunity, enoxaparin was found as a promising drug for CV-19 patients treatment. CPC joins only two other manufacturers, one in Europe and one in Canada, in supplying heparinases I, II, and III, critical enzymes needed to analyze and release enoxaparin drug.

    Combating CV-19 related thrombosis

    Heparinases I, II and III derived from Flavobacterium heparinum are enzymes used to analyse heparin and low molecular heparins. One of these targets is enoxaparin, now the subject of intense research focus as an anticoagulant drug that may provide vital therapy for CV-19 patients.

    In some cases, CV-19 infection leads to formation of thrombi (blood coagulation), causing the pulmonary thrombosis that accounts for a large proportion of CV-19 fatalities

    Enoxaparin has been used by several Northern Italian hospitals on the front line of the epidemic and initial data suggest that enoxaparin used in conjunction with other drugs can increase the proportion of patient recovery by up to 25%.

    Enoxaparin studies

    Italy’s national drug agency AIFA recently announced it had officially commissioned clinical trials and studies focused on enoxaparin. The overall aim of the studies is to increasing understanding of the mode of action of heparin molecules in CV-19 cases.

    “As enoxaparin seems to be promising in Covid-19 infection, it is obviously right for CPC Biotech to increase our production of the enzymes needed for quality control of this drug in order to avoid possible shortage in the market of the key enzymes, thus affecting enoxaparin availability,” the company said.

    “So we are prepared to supply the market of the enzymes needed for QC of enoxaparin in case of an increased demand of enoxaparin for Covid treatment,” CPC pledged.

    About CPC Biotech

    Founded n 2006, CPC Biotech srl has rapidly established a reputation as a leading producer and contract manufacturing organization that develops and supplies of enzymes for Quality Control (QC) for the pharma and biotech industries as well as ready-to-use media for microbiology.

    The company has become an internationally respected center of expertise in the specialized field of antibiotics inactivation and acts as a consultant to several world-leading pharma companies. It produces a range of enzymes able to inactivate antibiotics that are used in micro QC analysis for sterility testing and total count on antibiotics as well as in environmental monitoring of clean rooms.

    CPC Biotech was a pioneer in developing highly stable, broad-spectrum beta-lactamases and has uniquely developed an enzyme for inactivation of macrolids antibiotics. It is also distinctive in offering heparinases for QC testing of low molecular heparins like enoxaparin.

    CPC Biotech offers a range of products and services grouped into two fields; enzymes for pharmaceutical and industrial use, and biotech enzymes for pharmaceutical QC, including Lactamator™ for inactivating penicillins, Cephalosporins and Penems, Macroduster™ for macrolids inactivation and Carbamator™ for hydrolyzation and degradation of carbapenems, penicillins and cephalosporins.

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