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    CPC Biotech makes major new microbiology plant investment

    news-releasesCPC Biotech s.r.l
    October 28th 2022

    Monza Brianza, Italy: CPC Biotech, the specialist supplier of enzymes to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, has announced a major new investment program to restructure its production and research facilities.

    The construction, due for completion during the latter half of 2023, will allow CPC Biotech to move its microbiology ready-to-use media production from current rented premises at Casorezzo in Milan and expand this capability, with state-of-the-art clean rooms.

    Four production suites

    The €10m program will see construction of a totally new  5,000m2 production plant at Vedano al Lambro, in Monza, northeast of Milan, that will house four production areas, as well as R&D and quality control laboratories and offices.

    The new facility is close to CPC’s headquarters site at Burago di Molgora at Monza Brianza, that will remain the center for its production of enzymes.

    Tripled capacity

    Following completion, CPC should see a threefold increase in production capacity, with the new production suites respectively dedicated to production of bottled media in bottles, single bagged and triple bagged irradiated microbiological plates, third party plates, with a ‘spare’ cleanroom facility to accommodate future expansion and new projects.

    The new plant should also increase CPC’s ability to adopt advanced automation in manufacturing, further boosting productivity, as well as providing higher quality research and administrative areas.

    As with the Burago di Molgora enzyme facility and headquarters site, the new Vedano al Lambro site will be fully certified to ISO9001 quality standards.

    About CPC Biotech

    Founded n 2006, CPC Biotech srl has rapidly established a reputation as a leading producer and contract manufacturing organization that develops and supplies of enzymes for Quality Control (QC) for the pharma and biotech industries as well as ready-to-use media for microbiology.

    The company has become an internationally respected center of expertise in the specialized field of antibiotics inactivation and acts as a consultant to several world-leading pharma companies. It produces a range of enzymes able to inactivate antibiotics that are used in micro QC analysis for sterility testing and total count on antibiotics as well as in environmental monitoring of clean rooms.

    CPC Biotech was a pioneer in developing highly stable, broad-spectrum beta-lactamases and has uniquely developed an enzyme for inactivation of macrolide and aminoglycoside antibiotics. It is also distinctive in offering heparinases for QC testing of low molecular heparins like enoxaparin.

    CPC Biotech offers a range of products and services grouped into two fields; enzymes for pharmaceutical and industrial use, and biotech enzymes for pharmaceutical QC, including Lactamator™ for inactivating penicillins, Cephalosporins and Penems, Macroduster™ for macrolids inactivation, Carbamator™ for hydrolyzation and degradation of carbapenems, penicillins and cephalosporins and Aminosniper™ for inactivation of aminoglycoside antibiotics.

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    Click on CPC Biotech R2U microbiology media for further information.

    CPC Biotech makes major new microbiology plant investment

    CPC Biotech’s new Vedano al Lambro will house cleanroom production of its ready-to-use liquid microbiology media used for total count, identification and isolation of specific microbial classes.

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