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    Coming soon: Unique CPC Biotech AminosniperTM Inactivator for Aminoglycoside Antibiotics

    news-releasesCPC Biotech s.r.l
    November 3rd 2020

    Monza Brianza, Italy: CPC Biotech, the specialist supplier of enzymes to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, has registered Aminosniper™ as its brand for a unique solution for inactivation of aminoglycoside antibiotics.

    CPC is now preparing to bring Aminosniper™ to market by end-2020 or early 2021 as an enzyme-based product for the inactivation of antibiotics belonging to the aminoglycosides class that can be used as a reagent for verifying the sterility and the bioburden of injectable and non sterile antibiotics belonging to the aminoglycoside class.

    Testing need 

    Aminosniper™ addresses pharmaceutical industry need to test antibiotics before release for sterility, if injectable, or for bioburden (TYMC&TAMC) if non-sterile preparation.

    However the problem with setting up such tests is that the antibiotic itself can kill the microorganisms that are present in the test sample, leading to chronic underestimation of the number of organisms present in the sample.

    Pharmacopeias indicate that when a microbiological test is carry out on a sample that contains a compound that can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, as is the case with antibiotics, that  compound should be inactivated in order to avoid false results. This has been difficult in previous years with only beta-lactamases enzymes available on the market, such as CPC’s own  Lactamator™, Penase™, etc.

    CPC breakthrough

    CPC then made an initial breakthrough Macroduster™ as a pioneering and unique enzyme for the inactivation of macrolide antibiotics.

    Now Aminosniper™ provides a unique solution for inactivation for the aminoglycoside class of antibiotics:

    “The impending arrival of Aminosniper™ is clearly very good news for the pharma industry,” commented CPC Biotech CEO and President Fabio Arenghi.

    “While several companies offer beta-lactamase antibiotic inactivators, no one has matched CPC in also offering enzymes to inactivate macrolides and aminoglycoside antibiotics,” he pointed out.

    “Once again we have shown that CPC Biotech is a company with the deep knowledge and technologies needed to unlock inactivation of antibiotics around the world,” Dr. Arenghi concluded.

    About CPC Biotech

    Founded in 2006, CPC Biotech srl has rapidly established a reputation as a leading producer and contract manufacturing organization that develops and supplies of enzymes for Quality Control (QC) for the pharma and biotech industries as well as ready-to-use media for microbiology.

    The company has become an internationally respected center of expertise in the specialized field of antibiotics inactivation and acts as a consultant to several world-leading pharma companies. It produces a range of enzymes able to inactivate antibiotics that are used in micro QC analysis for sterility testing and total count on antibiotics as well as in environmental monitoring of clean rooms.

    CPC Biotech was a pioneer in developing highly stable, broad-spectrum beta-lactamases and has uniquely developed an enzyme for inactivation of macrolide antibiotics. It is also distinctive in offering heparinases for QC testing of low molecular heparins like enoxaparin.

    CPC Biotech offers a range of products and services grouped into two fields; enzymes for pharmaceutical and industrial use, and biotech enzymes for pharmaceutical QC, including Lactamator™ for inactivating penicillins, Cephalosporins and Penems, Macroduster™ for macrolids inactivation and Carbamator™ for hydrolyzation and degradation of carbapenems, penicillins and cephalosporins.

    Further information at:

    Coming soon: Unique CPC Biotech Aminosniper<sup>TM</sup> Inactivator for Aminoglycoside Antibiotics

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