Charles Ischi ‘Ph21Tool’ for big data evaluation and analysis

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April 14th 2021

Charles Ischi Testing Technology offers the Ph21Tool as an external, stand alone software package used for evaluation of test results created by universal tablet testers or tablet disintegration testers.  This dedicated software package is used to provide fast access to large volumes of batch and test data.

Ph21Tool can analyze Ph21 working databases as well as any number of Ph21 archives. Ph21Tool is especially intended for long-term production quality analysis. Ph21Tool generates reports ten to hundred-fold faster than the Ph21 test system software.

Data visualization

Ph21Tool provides sophisticated graphical diagrams, allowing huge quantities of data to be visalized, sorted and analyzed in very intuitive ways. This allows data from many historic archives to be evaluated by summary reports. This can be done while Ph21 test systems continue uninterrupted quality testing.

Ph21Tools Quality Control Charts provide real-time observation of UTS/CIW test results from any PC connected to the corporation’s local network.

Ph21Tool Features

Ph21Tool provides the following analysis functions: (each function can be purchased individually, according to user requirements)

  • Test and batch numerical analysis of large amounts of data / long-time production runs of the physical properties of tablet weight, thickness, diameter/length and crushing force
  • Trend analysis with graphical presentation, the appearance of the graphical charts can be customized is various ways
  • Special analysis functions like
    • CSFR/DT which uses crushing force, friability and disintegration time to calculate a single value which says tells you all about your production
    • Support for CIW testers to acquire capsule empty, filled and contents weight
  • Special Audit Trail analysis functions:
    • User-definable evaluation/query conditions
    • even Audit Trail lines can be queried according to the colour
  • Real-time Quality Control charts

Data consolidation and searching for ‘implausibles’

Unidentified implausible measured values have potential to invalidate test results when verified by regulators/inspectors. These implausible or illogical values may occur when measurements are captured while the test objects are oddly positioned.

Because manual searching and removing implausible values from large data sets can become very time and labour intensive. Ph21Tool allows the user to conduct specific searches for implausible values, filtering searches by product name, number or code, as well as batch names or codes. Ph21Tool also supports specific ‘find’ functions where user enters an exact or partial expression that matches the data to be searched for.

Generate reports

Ph21Tool allows users to generate reports, either with individual Test statistics or with overall batch statistics. Report attributes can be set as follows:

  • sub selection of batches generated within a given time/date interval
  • sub selection of tests generated within a given time/date interval
  • sub selection of tests with ‘Failed’ assessment
  • sub selection of tests using a QC or IPC tolerance set
  • sub selection of only T- or T2 violators
  • inclusion or exclusion of implausible values
  • using tolerance limits for process capability
  • tabular and/or graphical presentation
  • Excel data export function

Ph21Tool Advantages

Ph21Tool doesn’t affect or alter data records, which means new customer-specific analysis functions can be implemented without the need to re-validate the Ph21 production test system. Further advantages include:

  • Ph21Tool uses complex database queries that enable Microsoft’s SQL Server to make use of its advanced query optimization. This allows large data reports to be printed very fast.
  • Because Ph21Tool is an external standalone program the Ph21 production test system is not slowed-down during large analysis runs.


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Charles Ischi ‘Ph21Tool’ for big data evaluation and analysis
Charles Ischi ‘Ph21Tool’ for big data evaluation and analysis

Charles Ischi Ph21Tool can generate sophisticated graphical representations, allowing huge quantities of data to be searched intuitively

Charles Ischi ‘Ph21Tool’ for big data evaluation and analysis

Ph21Tool can quickly identify tolerance violations, helping to isolate implausible values, etc.

Charles Ischi ‘Ph21Tool’ for big data evaluation and analysis

Ph21 archives can be displayed in timeline form, allowing specific date ranges to displayed in detail