Charles Ischi introduces upgraded H-Series Advanced Tablet Hardness Testers

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April 22nd 2020

Charles Ischi now offers new and upgraded versions of its H-Series advanced solution for measuring the hardness (breaking force) and dimensions of tablets.

The Lab.line H-Series manual tablet hardness testers combine ease of use with a high range of functions, including measuring range up to 60mm, capability to assess breaking force up to 800 Newtons and comprehensive operating software that allows compliance with 21 CFR part 11 guidelines for individual tablet assessments.

H-Series Range

There are four machines in the H-Series range. All use the same operating procedure: place tablets in the testing station, choose or set up a product recipe on touch screen, and click Start. The operator then tests tablets individually before dropping them into a collection receptacle. Test results are displayed on screen and can be printed, exported or saved to local memory.

  • H2: Tests hardness and measures diameter
  • H3: Tests hardness and measures diameter and thickness
  • H4: Tests hardness and measures thickness, length and width
  • H5: Tests hardness and measures thickness, length, width and weight of tablets, connected with an external Mettler, Sartorius, or Precisa balance

H-Series Features

The H-Series Tablet Hardness Testers offer particularly efficient and reliable tablet testing due to ‘smart’ orientation and positioning of tablets during testing that is particularly important in respecting US Pharmacopeia USP <1217> tablet breaking force assessment guidelines.

They also feature sophisticated connectivity for automated testing and documentation that allows export of data to LIMS, Excel, or PDF.

All four units feature:

  • Easy clean form: The new LAB.line design is very easy to clean due to generous radii, rounded edges and a smooth surface.
  • Integrated LED status display: The clear and comprehensible LED display provides information about the equipment status at all times. The equipment­ status can be easily recognized from a distance.
  • Intuitive interface: The integrated 7” touch screen display enables fast, easy operation and shows results immediately.
  • Connectivity: Results are saved to 8Gb internal memory and can be exported via USB or Ethernet as .csv file to LIMS, Excel, etc. The units also accept swappable 32 GB internal SD card for database backup.
  • Documentation: Results can also be printed out as internally generated PDF report.
  • Exchangeable test surface: The base plate in the hardness station bed can be rotated to form a flat plane for small, flat and round tablets or a grooved surface to align oval and oblong shaped tablets.
  • R&D Data: After tablet breaking strength testing it is possible to review individual values and generate breaking strength graphs and curves for each tested tablet.
  • Chapter 21 CFR part 11 compliance: To meet regulatory demands, it is possible to have user management with electronic signature and audit trail.

H-Series options

The capabilities of H-Series units can be further extended with a range of optional additions.

  • External precision thickness gauge: A high precision Mitutoyo thickness gauge on granite base with USB connection to the H-Series unit allow thickness measurements of complex tablet shapes to be fed directly into the hardness tester.
  • Measuring range extension: 800N load cells extend hardness test station capabilities to provide higher measuring accuracy for particularly hard tablets. Load cells can be fitted to all H-series testers to adjust them to the hardest tablets.
  • Large tablet collector bin: A base plinth that fits under the testing unit, containing two larger tablet collection containers. Magnetic attachment allows easy access for emptying.


Click on H-Series Manual Hardness Testers for detailed range information.

Charles Ischi introduces upgraded H-Series Advanced Tablet Hardness Testers

H4 Advanced Manual Tablet Hardness Tester: measures breaking force, thickness, length and width of tablets

Charles Ischi introduces upgraded H-Series Advanced Tablet Hardness Testers

H5 Advanced Manual Tablet Hardness Tester: plug in external precision scale feeds in data on tablet weight

Charles Ischi introduces upgraded H-Series Advanced Tablet Hardness Testers

The intuitive touch display enables fast, easy operation. The results are shown immediately on the clearly laid out display and can be printed out, stored or exported as PDF reports and other formats

Charles Ischi introduces upgraded H-Series Advanced Tablet Hardness Testers

The surface under the tablet hardness test station can be turned. For different tablet shapes, you can use either the grooved or the flat side