Brinter® One bioprinting platform goes on EU tour

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November 15th 2022

Turku, Finland: – Pioneering modular multi-material 3D bioprinting specialist Brinter is taking its modular 3D bioprinter platform Brinter® One on a European roadshow, visiting Estonia, Germany, and Poland.

Starting at Estonia’s University of Tartu on November 12, the Brinter® roadshow team will demonstrate Brinter® One’s versatility and adaptability, inviting visitors to bring their own bioink samples for replication in use cases ranging from personalized drugs to human spare parts.

Multiple dates

From Tartu, the roadshow moves on to Germany, exhibiting at the 2022 Formnext Additive Manufacturing Expo in Frankfurt am Main (November 15-18), followed by the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (November 21) and Berlin’s University of Technology Institute of Biotechnology on November 22 (TBC). Finally, the team will move to Poland, bringing Brinter® One to the Bioprinting Workshop at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, on November 25.

At all appearances, the team will provide live demonstrations of Brinter® One’s capabilities in 3D bioprinting and thermoplastic printing. The aim of the roadshow is to showcase the advanced practical application possibilities of the technology, and give people hands-on experience with premium 3D bioprinters.

Bring your own samples

Additionally, Brinter® is inviting interested participants to bring their own materials to test out the Brinter® One’s multi-material print heads – capable of intricate tissue engineering and cell therapy, such as repairing damaged tissue, replacing lost biological functions, and localized therapeutic solutions for the treatment of disease. For example, the new multifluidics print head can recreate the precise architecture of human tissue using multiple materials and dispense a combination of various materials in the same print job using microfluidic manipulation.

“We are excited to hit the road and show people what our Brinters can really achieve – after all, we purposefully designed them to be easily usable even though having very advanced features,” said Brinter’s CEO, Tomi Kalpio.

What better way to do that than a roadshow?” he asked.

Recreating human tissue

“We want to show how easy it is to recreate the precise architecture of human tissue using multiple materials and dispense a combination of various materials in the same print job using our Brinters,” Mr. Kalpio explained.

“The printing of functional human spare parts such as hearts, kidneys, bionic limbs, even brains, is closer than we think, and we want to demonstrate how our tools that can help achieve this – even when operating under tight budget restrictions,” he added.

Modular platform

Brinter’s flagship model Brinter® One is a modular bioprinter that is able to print multi-material and highly complex tissue structures in 3D, providing all the basic features needed for bioprinting. The device can print both stiff and soft materials, including but not limited to liquids and hydrogels with living cells, bio-paste, metal with a binder material, and plastic.

Due to the device’s modularity, it is possible to make modifications to the hardware to accommodate the combinations needed, such as temperature control or imaging options. Without this modular approach, new devices would need to be bought for every function like granulate or paste extrusion, fluidic manipulation or liquid dispensing.

Those interested in booking an individual demonstration are invited to contact Brinter’s Sales and Marketing Director Pasi Kaskinen.

About Brinter

Founded in 2020 via partial demerger in Turku, Finland, Brinter is the manufacturer of a modular multi-material bioprinting platform scalable from manual R&D to automated production. The company works with science and bioengineering organizations to integrate 3D bioprinting into their research, manufacturing, and treatment methods. The goal is to break through current technological limitations and improve people’s quality of life.

Brinter has bootstrapped its growth since 2019, when it launched its first product, and is currently active in more than ten countries, including the USA, Germany, India, and the UK.

Customers of the company now include bio and pharmaceutical companies like Nanoform, as well as research organizations like VTT, BEST group at the University of Glasgow, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, the University of Oulu, and the University of Helsinki, whose directors are enthusiastic about the technology’s potential.

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Brinter® One - A Modular 3D Bioprinter

Brinter® One bioprinting platform goes on EU tour

Brinter® One 3D bioprinter is a multi-adaptable bioprinting platform that can be configured for diverse clinical and research applications.