Brinter® joins influential Biotechnology Innovation Organizations

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April 21st 2023

Santa Monica, CA and Winston-Salem, NC, and Turku, Finland: – Pioneering clinical bio-implant and 3D bioprinting platform developer and manufacturer Brinter®, has strengthened its links to the North American market with membership of two influential organisations.

Brinter® has been approved for membership of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), greatly enhancing its ability to collaborate with leading biotech and life science organizations, professionals and industry leaders in North America to advance the take up of bioprinting in life sciences applications.

Brinter® has also been approved for membership of Biocom California, creating access to its platform access to more than 500,000 life science professionals across 1,700 member organisations via hundreds of annual educational and networking events and marketing channels.

BIO membership advantages

Brinter® CEO Tom Alapaattikoski commented: “We are excited to join BIO International and start working together to advance the future of life sciences. Our membership in BIO will provide us with access to numerous biotech, life science events and networking opportunities where we can share our knowledge and learn from others. We believe this partnership will be very prosperous for us and the life science industry.”

“BIO is the world’s largest biotechnology organization and represents more than 1,000 biotech companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations in over 30 countries. By becoming a member of BIO, Brinter® will be able to strengthen its position in the bioprinting industry and work alongside leading industry experts to advance the development of life-saving technologies,” he noted.

Biocom California network

Mr. Alapaattikoski said membership of Biocom California was also significant.

“Biocom has over 200 educational and networking events and they also provide members with a significant amount of exposure into our life science community. Their annual global life science conference is well known and well attended within the life science executives in California. Past keynote speakers have included John Reed, EVP of Head of Research from Sanofi, Devang Bhuva, Senior Corp Development from Gliead, Janeen Doyel, head of research from Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Carol Gallagher, partner at NEA and many more,” he pointed out.

“Biocom California’s Capital Development & Partnering team connects member companies with life science venture capital and other sources of funding and strategic partners through a variety of dynamic programs, including angel investing, broad and biotech private equity, licensing and partnering opportunities, research grant insights, and one-on-one discussions,” Tom Alapaattikoski added.

“Mavis Yao has already been a great help to us, in networking with many industry leaders, professionals, and organizations all across California. I believe this is going to be a very prosperous partnership for both of us and science,” said Mr. Alapaattikoski.

About Brinter®

Founded in 2020 via partial demerger in Finland, Brinter® is Santa Monica, CA, and Winston-Salem, NC-based meniscus bio-implant developer and manufacturer of a modular multi-material 3D bioprinting platform scalable from manual R&D to automated production. The company works with science and bioengineering organizations to integrate 3D bioprinting into their research, manufacturing, and treatment methods. The goal is to break through current technological limitations and improve people’s quality of life.

Brinter® has bootstrapped its growth since 2018, when it launched its first commercial product in 2020, and is currently active in more than ten countries, including the USA, Germany, the UK, and India.

Customers of the company now include bio and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, PerkinElmer, Nanoform, as well as research organizations like UCLA, Michigan State University, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, VTT, BEST group at the University of Glasgow, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, the University of Oulu, and the University of Helsinki, whose directors are enthusiastic about the technology’s potential.

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Brinter® One - A Modular 3D Bioprinter

Brinter® joins influential Biotechnology Innovation Organizations
Brinter® joins influential Biotechnology Innovation Organizations