Water tight pharmaceutical drums

Water tight pharmaceutical drums

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Spoiling of product through moisture leakage or ingress during transport or storage poses a huge problem for the pharmaceutical industry.

The most painstaking quality control measures during manufacturing and upstream processes can be completely negated if products are then shipped or stored in containers that do not fully protect ingredients from the outside elements. For pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals, the end result of moisture leakage or contamination can be loss of active properties, deterioration, shortened shelf life and even consumer safety issues.

CurTec’s watertight drums seal sensitive ingredients against leakage and water ingress. Just as important, they are also moisture tight to protect hygroscopic content against water vapor contamination. They also protect contents with an ideal moisture level from drying out.

Moisture sensitive

Many pharmaceutical products are particularly prone to damage from moisture ingress or egress. Powdered products can cake solid, crystalline flakes can soften and hygroscopic goods can soak up moisture. These are all areas that demand particular focus on attaining the highest possible means of moisture protection.

It is less readily appreciated that effective moisture control may well encompass not just keeping water vapor out of the container, but also sealing in some moisture content, to avoid drying out and desiccation.

Measuring moisture transmission

CurTec’s moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) measurement procedures range from gravimetric techniques that quantify the gain or loss of moisture by mass, to highly sophisticated instrumental techniques capable of measuring extremely low transmission levels.

These measurements are used to perfect the moisture resistance of drums, lids and seals.

Water tight and moisture tight solution

CurTec’s purpose-designed range of specialist packaging drums includes wide neck, total opening and nestable designs. All drums incorporate screw top closure with integrated gasket. These provide a watertight closure with very high seal against liquid leakage or ingress. The seal also almost eliminates inward or outward water vapour and moisture transmission, confirmed by extremely low MVTR rates.

Validating moisture integrity

CurTec’s statements on quality, effectiveness and moisture resistant integrity of its drums are fully supported by solid scientific proof.

All CurTec drums are fully tested and measured against rigorous American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, with moisture vapour transmission rates validated and registered.

For any product, CurTec can supply MVTR reportsthat demonstrate how our drums can protect valuable contents from moisture to prevent damaging and costly product loss.

Alternatively, customers can challenge CurTec with a particular moisture transmission or water-sealing problem to find a customized packaging solution.


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