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VTU Technology bringing Pichia advances to leading European events

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November 2nd 2017

Grambach, Austria: – Protein expression specialist VTU Technology will be showcasing its latest advances in exploiting its leading Pichia pastoris recombinant protein production technology at two high profile Europe events in November.

VTU Technology Head of Business Development, Dr. Thomas Purkarthofer will lead the company’s team at BIO-Europe in Berlin and a week later at the second European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB) in the Austrian city of Graz.

In addition, Dr. Purkarthofer will present and participate in a discussion panel at ESIB on latest biopharma production technologies during the early afternoon of Day 2 (November 15).

“We look forward to returning to both these events to talk about new applications that provide fertile ground for productive partnerships for companies seeking competitive advantage,” said Dr. Purkarthofer.

Yield optimization through comprehensive production strain development

At both events, VTU will reveal new advances and emerging applications of its world-leading Pichia pastoris expression system, including new enhancements to its methanol-free protein production technology with productivity records of 20 g/l of secreted protein in supernatant in Pichia.

“With the advances we’ve made since autumn 2016, we can show customers and potential partners an even broader and more powerful protein production platform, with astonishing protein yields achieved recently,” he added.

“VTU´s yield optimization & strain development program is based on the application of a large number of genetic elements from VTU´s broad Pichia pastoris toolbox facilitating optimized fine-tuning of gene expression and enhanced production of high-quality proteins,” Dr. Purkarthofer explained.

VTU Technology is inviting anyone looking for advanced recombinant protein production solutions to contact the company via BIO-Europe’s partneringONE platform to arrange face-to-face meetings with Dr. Purkarthofer in Berlin or via ESIB’s Matchmaking Event for meetings in Graz.

About VTU Technology

VTU Technology, a leading contract research and development company, offers the broadest toolbox and most versatile technology platform available for Pichia pastoris recombinant protein expression / production enabling highest productivities delivering up to 25 g/L of secreted protein (record productivities of 35 g/L) within a few weeks development time.

VTU´s yield-enhancing Pichia pastorisexpression platform is based on its proprietary AOX1 promoter libraries and set of expression enhancing helper factors, several platform strains with different genetic backgrounds, elaborated cloning and transformation protocols, a high-throughput screening and cultivation regime combined with excellent know-how in fermentation and downstream process development for maximization of product yield and overall process performance.

Headquartered in Grambach, near Graz, Austria, VTU Technology is a private company and a subsidiary of VTU Holding, an Austrian enterprise that combines several technology and engineering companies in chemistry, pharma and life science as well as in the energy industries.

More information: and

About BIO-Europe 2017

The BIO-Europe® Conference is the flagship conference for EBD Group, providing life science companies with high caliber knowledge sharing and partnering opportunities.

BIO-Europe 2017 is a three-day event opening November 6 at Berlin’s City Cube conference center.

BIO-Europe has formed the launch pad for many highly successful business partnerships, drawing delegates from all parts of the biotechnology value chain to identify, engage and enter into strategic relationships.

This year´s BIO-Europe partnering event will again draw over 3,000 industry attendees from nearly 60 countries, representing more than 1,800 companies for three days of high level networking.

Partnering at BIO-Europe 2017 is powered by EBD Group’s partneringONE®, the industry’s most advanced networking system, which enables participants to efficiently mine a large pool of potential partners, and identify and pre-arrange private one-to-one meetings with multiple company targets.

More information at:

About ESIB 2017

The European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB) was founded in 2016 to provide a new European communication platform for industrial biotechnology, bringing together scientific topics with industrial needs and priorities, economic demands, funding resources and political aspirations in an event that combines knowledge-sharing, networking and recreation.

The second summit, ESIB 2017, is a three-day event opening November 14 at the Messecongress in the center of the ancient Austrian university city of Graz.

The event is organized by the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB) with more information available at:


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