VALIDOGEN presenting UNLOCK PICHIA advantages at BIO International 2019

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May 28th 2019

Grambach, Austria: Protein expression specialist VALIDOGEN will once again be an important presence at the upcoming 26th BIO International Convention in Philadelphia.

VALIDOGEN will use the high prestige event to communicate the advantages of its yield-enhancing UNLOCK PICHIA protein production toolbox to enable fine-tuning of protein expression by its diversity of molecular tools and expression strategies for Pichia pastoris.

Founded as VTU Technology, VALIDOGEN will be headed by Roland Weis, Head of Operations. “For us the BIO International Convention is one of the most important partnering events to be found anywhere in the world and a key opportunity to find collaborators for our innovative Pichia pastoris protein production technologies,” said VALIDOGEN’s Head of Business Development, Thomas Purkarthofer

The UNLOCK PICHIA advantage

UNLOCK PICHIA, VALIDOGEN’s exclusive Pichia pastoris protein expression technology is based on its unique PAOX1 promoter library for methanol-induced and methanol-free protein production combined with a diverse set of different platform strains for different applications and an exclusive yield-enhancing helper factor collection. Applied by VALIDOGEN’s sophisticated team, this cutting-edge platform facilitates the delivery of unparalleled expression levels with more than 20 g/L of secreted protein (and even more than 30 g/L in a recent case, the highest titer for Pichia reported to date) within a few weeks development time.

A continuous expansion and improvement of the UNLOCK PICHIA platform is aiming of speeding up targeted debottlenecking of protein expression all the way from transcription and translation to translocation, protein folding and secretion.

VALIDOGEN’s capabilities range from fast track feasibility studies to comprehensive Pichia pastoris expression strain development as well as development and optimization of an entire production process (fermentation & DSP). Processes developed in VALIDOGEN’s labs were transferred successfully to customers and have been shown to be robust and scalable facilitating the sound and straightforward implementation in large-scale production facilities.

Safe, clinically validated, well-characterized and CMC-ready Pichia pastoris protein production strains and processes

VALIDOGEN will use BIO’s advanced partnering platforms to show how customers benefit from the economic advantages of enhanced biologics production arising from UNLOCK PICHIA.

All components of VALIDOGEN´s Pichia toolbox, which has already been used to produce proteins for clinical studies, are thoroughly characterized and full documentation is readily available to support regulatory filings for biologic candidates.

Pichia is well suited to produce a wide range of biopharmaceuticals from cytokines, growth factors, hormones, serum proteins to fusion proteins (Fc-and albumin fusion), protein scaffolds, vaccine antigens, enzymes or allergens and antibody-derived fragments. Especially therapeutics fused to HSA and recombinant single domain antibodies known as sdAbs, VHHs or Nanobodies® can be successfully expressed at high levels & quality.

Although belonging to the microbial expression hosts, Pichia based protein production is also well suited for glycosylated proteins. The UNLOCK PICHIA platform can be efficiently combined with Pichia Glycoswitch® enabling the boosted production of homogeneous and uniform glycoproteins.


VALIDOGEN GmbH (previously VTU Technology GmbH) is a leading contract research and development company, offering the broadest toolbox and most versatile technology platform available for Pichia pastoris recombinant protein expression and production.

Based on its technology platform known as UNLOCK PICHIA, VALIDOGEN develops high performance expression strains and economically viable protein production processes for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, enzymes and various other recombinant proteins and provides tailor – made solutions for customers from different industry sectors – such as pharma, diagnostics, food & feed, chemical, agro and other industries.

Headquartered in Grambach, near Graz, Austria, VALIDOGEN is a private company and independent subsidiary of the KonValue Group.

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About BIO International 2019

The 26th BIO International Convention (BIO 2019) provides a week of intensive networking for biotechnology and pharma leaders to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. It attracts more than 16,000 delegates involved in a wide spectrum of life science and application areas including drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy.

BIO International 2019 moves to Philadelphia PA as a four -day event opening June 3 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The event is organized by the Washington DC-based Biotechnology Innovation Organization with more information at: