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    VALEX-POTENT high containment filters

    products-servicesBea Technologies S.p.A
    August 4th 2020

    BEA Technologies (BEA) has developed the VALEX-POTENT range of high containment filters for applications involving high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs).

    These filters provide superior solutions for biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers facing challenges of operator safety, cross contamination and environmental pollution.

    High containment applications

    Pharmaceutical companies life sciences companies now operating at worldwide scale face challenges of corporate reputation, health and safety expectations and increasing rigorous industry regulation and standards. Furthermore, the continuous search for ever more sophisticated and effective drugs has placed increasing emphasis on highly potent substances that can only be handled and processed under high containment.

    Filtration is a vital link in the chain with filter design and elements required to strike an effective balance between quality of sterilization and protection and economic designs and pricing.

    BEA Technologies is aware of these new demands and put its knowledge at disposal to reach the quality and safety levels required by current regulations. BEA’s filtration technologies are developed reach the ideal quality/price balance for sterilization and clarification of products and protection against active substances for pharmaceutical use. BEA Technologies provides solutions for the microfiltration and sterilization of liquids and compressed gases specifically designed for the needs of companies involved in Life Science, Pharmaceutical and medical operations.

    VALEX-POTENT features and benefits

    The VALEX-POTENT high containment filter range incorporates BEA expertise across and wide range of applications such as fermentation, sterile filtration of liquids, filtration for injectables, filtration of process fluids and gelatins.

    To meet the challenges of high containment filtration in Highly Potent API (HPAPI) applications., the VALEX-POTENT range incorporate double containment designs, with the filter element contained in a capsule, enclosed in a second steel or plastic housing. This enables practical and effective servicing and replacement of insulators.

    A comprehensive range of capsules and filter elements meet the needs of a wide spectrum of life sciences applications, including nano-fiber based pre-filters and filter elements and compatibility across a very wide range of the most widely used interchangeable GND caps.

    All filter elements are provided with the necessary documentation and Validation Guides to complete required Regulatory Files , Filter components are barcoded for quick and safe recognition.

    Each product is the result of constant technological research, of the careful selection of materials, of a controlled production process, and it is verified and accepted after Quality Control  tests.

    These advantages have allowed the development of products that offer a series of useful benefits:

    • Complete traceability of product.
    • Validation guides for each filter element.
    • Wide range of filtering membranes (PES, N66, PVDF & PTFE).
    • Customization of filters and housings.
    • Compliance with USP-class VI, USP water for injection.
    • Interchangeable configurations and End-Caps.
    • Guaranteed high quality with BEA which controls the entire production process.


    Learn more about BEA Technologies complete line of filters for the treatment of liquids and compressed Air/Gas

    VALEX-POTENT high containment filters

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