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    Bea Technologies S.p.A

    Bea Technologies S.p.A (BEA) is an international leader in Micro filtration, specialized in design and manufacture of filters, membrane filters, sterilizing filters, filtration systems, contamination control solutions, process filters and bacteria-microorganism retention systems.

    BEA filtration solutions have applications across a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, biotech manufacturers and laboratories, chemicals and healthcare.


    Bea Technologies is specialized in liquid or gas contamination control solutions, bacteria-microorganism retention filtration, pre-filters, membrane filters, sterilizing filters, filtration systems, filter housings and pressure vessels. It also manufactures automatic filtrations systems, HPAPI filters. precoat filters, activated carbon filters, nanofiber filters , hydrophobic filters and capsules.

    Bea Technologies products are divided into three main lines:

    • Microfiltration: Filter elements with PES or Nylon 66 membranes for liquid filtration, elements with PTFE membranes for solvent, air & gas filtration and elements with borosilicate filter media. BEA has a unique line of filter elements made with nano-fibers also manufactures filters with polypropylene or polyester media, as well as mini-cartridges, flat membranes, and metallic sintered filter elements.
    • Compressed air & gas: BEA produces coalescer and oil removal filter elements, particulate filter elements, compressor oil separators, vacuum pump filter elements, safety filter elements and elements for instrument protection.
    • Process equipment solutions: BEA filters are used across a wide range of industrial and manufacturing processes including water filtration systems, automatic self-cleaning filters, backwashing feed filters, amine purification packages, carbon filters, oil & gas processes, high temperature and high pressure applications.

    BEA has developed a wide range of proprietary technologies, including:

    • BEAPURE: animal-free sterilizing membrane filters and filters for High pure productions.
    • MAGNEXFLO: automatic filtration systems.
    • VALEX-POTENT: high containment filters for high potency active ingredients (HPAPIs).

    BEA critical filter systems are manufactured in controlled environments to cGMP standards with all membrane filter elements individually checked by non-destructive test methods, as well as destructive tests performed ASTM F838 guidelines.

    The bacterial retention results correlated with the integrity test data are reported in the validation guide of each membrane filter product to define the acceptable test values.

    All the key production activities are constantly controlled by computerized systems.


    BEA’s more than 50 years of experience in filtration, microfiltration and laboratory testing allows it to provide a range of customer support and consultancy services in areas such as:

    • Feasibility studies
    • Support for filter qualification/validation
    • Training
    • Equipment start-up and commissioning
    • Particle size analysis
    • Micro and bacterial challenge tests
    • Chemical compatibility analysis of materials

    Structure and history

    Founded in 1961 as BEA Filtri S.p.A, the company became Bea Technologies S.p.A in 2004. It remains a family-owned company. The company’s growth has been driven by high quality standards and willingness to provide bespoke filter or filtration solutions to meet special requirements.

    BEA transitioned to manufacture of pleated filters in 1976, introducing clean room sterile filter production in 1983. In 1996, clean room manufacture was transferred to a newly acquired external facility.

    BEA expansion continued with a manufacturing facility extension in 2007 and purchase of new automatic production machines in 2010.

    BEA’s Internal Sales Department provides sales and service support across Europe, with international sales provided by a worldwide network of agents and distributors.

    BEA is also present in Ireland via its subsidiarity Filtration Systems.

    Quality and Regulatory

    Bea Technologies S.p.A is quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 standards and holds PED certification for the construction of filtration systems and housings, as well as EN 1090+A1 for steel structures.

    The company can provide Validation Guides and compliance documentation for all filters and membrane filters, to support submission of Regulatory Files by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

    BEA’s internal quality systems have been inspected and certified by external authorities, with regular quality audits from pharma and other customers on clean room production and control procedures that qualify BEA as an approved cGMP supplier. Its clean rooms are rated from class ISO 5 to class ISO 8, and BEA complies with GMP guidelines for manufacturing sterile filters for biological applications.

    The company non-destructively integrity tests all membrane filter cartridges that are manufactured for sensitive applications requiring absolute bacterial retention, such as pharmaceuticals and food & beverage. It has in-house capabilities to test filters for performance efficiency by laser particle counter, conduct bacterial challenge testing and apply a range integrity test methods.

    Its BEAPURE line of filters are produced with Animal-free materials , meeting Halal requirements and provided of relative declarations.


    Learn more about BEA Technologies complete line of filters for the treatment of liquids and compressed Air/Gas


    Bea Technologies S.p.A

    Contact Information
    Address: Via Newton, 4 - 20016 Pero, Milano, Italy
    Telephone No: +39 02 339 271
    Email Address: [email protected]

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