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    Tempris TLM-3D Software creates ‘digital twins’ in Freeze-Drying

    products-servicesTempris GmbH
    May 10th 2024

    In the realm of pharmaceuticals, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the integration of digital technologies has sparked a revolution. At the forefront of this transformation stands the concept of the digital twin, a ground-breaking approach reshaping biopharmaceutical manufacturing as we know it.

    Enter Tempris Lyophilization Monitoring Software 3D, or TLM-3D, a game-changer accelerating the embrace of the digital twin concept within freeze-drying processes. By offering real-time monitoring and analysis within the framework of Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT), TLM-3D heralds a new era of precision and foresight in production.

    At its core, a digital twin empowers manufacturers to simulate their product’s behavior in silico prior to actual production, effectively eradicating errors and fine-tuning processes for optimal outcomes. In the realm of lyophilization, Tempris pairs its cutting-edge battery-free wireless temperature sensors with the TLM-3D software, marking a historic milestone as it enables the direct measurement of product temperature data during processing, a feat previously unattainable.

    Driven by invaluable insights from customers regarding ideal measurement points within lyophilization chambers, Tempris has seamlessly integrated the entire process into the TLM-3D interface. Here, digital twin virtual models come to life, offering real-time visualization of hot and cold spots (HCS) data. The impact is nothing short of astonishing, as users witness the process unfold before their eyes in accelerated motion. This immersive experience not only optimizes processes but also revolutionizes operator proficiency and effectiveness, paving the way for unparalleled advancements in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    TLM-3D Highlights

    The TLM-3D software offers advanced capabilities for analyzing and visualizing freeze-drying processes, with highlights including:

    • Digital Twin 3D Mapping of the freeze-drying chamber
    • Real-time and Time-lapse Analysis

    Key Features:

    • Configurability for all freeze-dryer models
    • Load selection of primary packaging options
    • Report generation and evaluation functions
    • Enhanced understanding of factors impacting Tp
    • Highlighting stored design space parameters for process deviations
    • Assisting with data analysis
    • Visualizing critical process parameters for optimal results during transfers


    Click on Tempris Temperature Measurement Technology for software details and video.
    Click on Tempris – Product Temperature Measurement in Lyophilization for further information.
    Click on TLM-3D in action for video demonstration.
    Click on TLM-3D HCS Display to see video showing how hot and cold spot data can be leveraged to optimize process.


    Tempris Sensor Technology

    Tempris TLM-3D Software creates ‘digital twins’ in Freeze-Drying

    The wireless, battery-free Tempris sensor technology can be combined with TLM-3D modelling software for end-to-end visibility over the whole lyo process.

    Tempris TLM-3D Software creates ‘digital twins’ in Freeze-Drying

    TLM-3D builds a virtual 3D digital twin of the lyophilization chamber with individual vials mapped for container and product temperature, together with visualization of temperature changes throughout the freeze-drying process.

    Tempris TLM-3D Software creates ‘digital twins’ in Freeze-Drying

    Temperature data can be monitored at each point of the process.

    Tempris TLM-3D Software creates ‘digital twins’ in Freeze-Drying

    TLM-3D software allows every aspect of the lyophilization process to be precisely configured.

    Tempris TLM-3D Software creates ‘digital twins’ in Freeze-Drying

    Shelf mapping and a loading plan can be directly configured in the software.

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