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    Lyo Summit 2024 to explore exciting implications of freeze-drying technology revolution

    news-releasesTempris GmbH
    May 23rd 2024

    Holzkirchen, Bavaria, Germany: Wireless temperature monitoring pioneer Tempris will host the Lyo Summit 2024 in Frankfurt-am-Main next month to explore the revolutionary advances in lyophilization made possible by its ground-breaking technologies.

    The Summit will focus on the latest advancements in lyophilization technology under the general themes of Innovation, Automation and Digitalization. It will show how they can be adapted to specific pharma industry applications to achieve huge advances in process control, quality, and efficiency.

    Advancements in Freeze-Drying

    The Lyo Summit will be a one-day event on June 12 to be staged at a venue close to Messe Frankfurt and relayed online. The summit will consist of two duplicated sessions (0900-1230 hrs. CEST and 1330-1700 hrs.), giving the choice of morning or afternoon participation.

    The agenda will feature inputs from an expert panel representing industry and academia.

    Highlights of the program will include:

    • Current Advancements in PAT Tools: An exploration of the significance of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in process design, development, optimization, and scale-up, presented by Dr. Magrit Gieseler from freeze-drying contract service provider and consultancy GILYOS® GmbH.
    • Annex 1 & Regulatory Updates: Andrea Weiland-Waibel of pharmaceutical development consultants Explicat Pharma GmbH provides insights on the latest regulatory frameworks impacting lyophilization.
    • Tempris Technology: Applications of groundbreaking advancements in temperature control technology made possible by revolutionary Tempris wireless sensors, advanced software and robotic integration.
    • From Feedback to Closed-Loop Control: The evolution of closed-loop control systems and their significant role in optimizing lyophilization processes, explained by Andreas Englberger of Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nürnberg.
    • Digital Twins: The exciting potential of virtual modelling in visualizing critical process parameters and enhancing process understanding through 3D digital twins, enabling data-driven decisions.
    • Panel Discussions: The panel will discuss the future of lyophilization, focusing on product temperature measurement. It will also include Tempris GmbH CEO Anton Mangold and its Head of Sales, Marketing & Business Development Dr. Hansjörg Hufnagel.

    Registration for the Summit, either for in-person attendance or digital participation, can be completed online with the program also available for download (see Resources).

    About Tempris

    Founded in 2008 and based at Holzkirchen in Bavaria, Tempris GmbH has become a leading innovator in real-time temperature measurement and monitoring. Its revolutionary wireless and battery-free quartz-based temperature sensors and software form the basis for a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tool to streamline lyophilization processes by providing real-time, accurate, and reliable temperature data of unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

    The Tempris brand strapline: ‘Easify your Lyo Process’ encapsulates its mission to automate and optimize freeze-drying processes by enabling real-time product temperature monitoring during process. It is collaborating with academia and leading names in the industry to apply this technological advance to unlock full automation and major productivity gains in lyophilization.

    Tempris has developed product and service streams in development & manufacturing, process control applications, software development, and implementation support.

    From its headquarters south of Munich, Tempris has added distribution partners in Europe, Asia and the USA and has become ISO 9001 certified for quality management systems, as well as ISO 14001 for environmental management and sustainability, with all products designed and engineered to comply with applicable regulations, such as GAMP 5 guidelines and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / EU GMP Annex 11 for compliance of IT systems.

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    Tempris Sensor Technology

    Lyo Summit 2024 to explore exciting implications of freeze-drying technology revolution

    Summit will explore regulatory benefits of fully automated Tempris wireless temperature sensor placement under GMP Annex 1 aseptic conditions.

    Lyo Summit 2024 to explore exciting implications of freeze-drying technology revolution

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