Synthetic Biology Specialists to Exhibit at Cluster Integrated Biotechnology (CIB)

Press Release – ATG:biosynthetics GmbH
Synthetic Biology Specialists to Exhibit at Cluster Integrated Biotechnology (CIB)

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Supplier Press Release: Synthetic Biology Specialists to Exhibit at Cluster Integrated Biotechnology (CIB)
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SEPTEMBER 09, 2013

Synthetic Biology Specialists to Exhibit at Cluster Integrated Biotechnology (CIB)

ATG:biosynthetics GmbH, the German-based synthetic biology company specialising in combinatorial gene design and multi-gene expression is to showcase its products at the Cluster Integrated Biotechnology (CIB) partnering conference for the first time.

ATG:biosynthetics have announced that it will be presenting at the Partnering Conference of the Industrial Biotechnology 2013 to be held on September 12th at the Industrial Park in Frankfurt.

Alexander Craig, Marketing & Sales Manager at ATG:biosynthetics, said “we are delighted to be part of the CIB partnering conference and see it as a fantastic opportunity to network and build new relationships.”

Mr. Craig added, “Our stand will be exhibiting our entire spectrum of products and services from multi-protein and peptide expression systems to design of gene assemblies.”

Attendees are invited to come and meet the team to find out more about the products and services ATG:biosyntehtics offer including multi-protein and peptide expression systems, synthetic bioinformatics expertise (for synthetic biology, pathway / metabolic engineering projects, industrial biotechnology), gene synthesis and design of multi-gene assemblies.

About ATG:biosynthetics
ATG:biosynthetics is a synthetic biology company located in Merzhausen near Freiburg. We are experts in combinatorial gene design and multi-gene expression. We offer the whole McCoy in multi-gene and multi-peptide expression products and services for Synthetic and Molecular Biology as well as allied research and development areas.

Tailor-made solutions, e.g. for gene, gene cluster and complete pathway designs, is our area of strength. Here we can harness our technologies and services (gene synthesis, gene expression systems, bioinformatics, …) to offer you individual products & services or integrated solutions with a complete product & service package for peptide/gene expression and synthetic biology applications.

ATG is looking for partnerships and outsourcing projects that aim at developing and marketing high-potential applications, e.g. creating DNA- and protein based vaccines of high efficiency. This platform is presently being developed in our business unit Imophoron.

About Cluster Integrated Biotechnology (CIB)
The CIB supports networking between companies and academia in the area of Industrial Biotechnology and acts as a hub in finding the right partners. CIB actively promotes a strong networking component via its communication platforms, events, knowledge and funding opportunities.

Alexander Craig
ATG:biosynthetics GmbH
Tel: +49 761 8889424

For more information about synthetic biology and ATG:biosynthetics attending CIB, please contact ATG:biosynthetics directly.

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