Lower price gene synthesis for Christmas – from ATG biosynthetics

Lower price gene synthesis for Christmas – from ATG biosynthetics


Press Release | ATG:biosynthetics GmbH

DECEMBER 19, 2018

Merzhausen, Germany: – German-based clinical research organization ATG:biosynthetics (ATG) is offering its advanced technology Biodesigns of genes, clusters thereof and gene libraries as wells its gene synthesis for Christmas at seasonal discount process.

During the festive season (through to January 6) ATG is offering BioDesigns synthetic DNA sequencing at just €0.15 per base pair (bp), a substantial saving on normal pricing. The Christmas offer applies to all gene orders up to 3,000 bp.

ATG’ BioDesigns synthetic DNA sequencing service harnesses the power of its proprietary EvoMAG™ – expert tool for analyzing formal functional gene sequence features and for optimizing expression relevant sequence parameters. EvoMAG’s GeneIntelligence software can optimize constructive sequencing for overall design and synthesis efficiency, along with expression, solubility and other multi-parametric functional aspects in parallel.

Chemical and functional gene quality

“ATG’s strength is not only to emphasize its power in chemical gene analysis and synthesis but also to provide added value in terms of information on the synthesized gene’s function, functional context and embedding into the overall genetic context,” explained ATG’s CEO, Dr. Hubert S. Bernauer.

“So ATG customers receive both aspects of gene design quality: in chemical realization and informational depth,” said Dr. Bernauer added.

“Regardless of whether they need any gene sequencing carried out over the holiday period, ATG would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” he added.

About ATG: biosynthetics

Advanced Technical Genetomics (ATG) is a German-based company that specializes in synthetic biology, combinatorial gene design and multi-gene expression. Located in Merzhausen near Freiburg, ATG offers a complete range of multi-gene and multi-peptide expression products and services for synthetic and molecular biology as well as allied research and development areas.

ATG: biosynthetics possesses particular strengths in designing tailor-made solutions (e.g., gene cluster and complete pathway designs) that harness its technologies and services in related product areas that include gene synthesis, bioinformatics, molecular in silico biodesign, epitope mapping and pathway engineering. These provide clients with individual products and services or integrated solutions that offer a complete product & service package for peptide/gene expression and synthetic biology applications.

ATG seeks partnerships and outsourcing projects that aim at developing and marketing high-potential applications, e.g. creating high efficiency DNA- and protein-based vaccines.

Media Contacts

Dr. Hubert S. Bernauer , CEO, ATG:biosynthetics GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)761 888 9424
Email: info@atg-biosynthetics.de


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Supplier Information
Supplier: ATG:biosynthetics GmbH
Address: Weberstrasse 40, 79249 Merzhausen, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 761 888 9424
Fax: +49 761 888 9425
Website: www.atg-biosynthetics.com/

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