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Synthetic Biology Specialists ATG to Exhibit at First European Conference on Natural Products in Frankfurt

news-releasesATG:biosynthetics GmbH
September 20th 2013

ATG:biosynthetics GmbH, the German-based synthetic biology company is presenting its integrated bioinformatic and expression vector technology at the new European Conference on Natural Products, September 22-25, at the Dechema-Haus, Frankfurt-am-Main.

ATG will present a Poster on the final day of the conference. A team led by Dr. Hubert Bernauer will display its insights into ‘Artificial multi-gene expression systems for natural product formation and its deployment -in vivo or in vitro.’

Alexander Craig, Marketing & Sales Manager at ATG:biosynthetics, said “Our presentation will cover an exciting range of new possibilities opened up by our new multi-gene and protein expression technologies. These include flexiTEC, a breakthrough technology that now offers a real solution to the challenging problem of building multi-gene assemblies from standardized and recyclable parts and components.”

Mr. Craig added, “We are delighted to be presenting at this exciting new conference, which we see as an ideal forum to talk to potential new customers and commercial partners.”

Attendees are invited to come and meet with Dr. Bernauer form ATG to find out more about the products and services offered by the German-based laboratory, including multi-protein and peptide expression systems, synthetic bioinformatics expertise, gene synthesis and design of multi-gene assemblies.

About ATG:biosynthetics
ATG:biosynthetics is a synthetic biology company located in Merzhausen near Freiburg. The company is recognized for its expertise in combinatorial gene design and multi-gene expression. It offers a complete range of multi-gene and multi-peptide expression products and services for Synthetic and Molecular Biology as well as allied research and development areas.

A particular area of strength for ATG is in development of ‘tailor-made’ solutions, such as those needed for optimized genes, gene clusters and complete pathway designs. In these applications, it is able to harness its technologies and services such as gene synthesis, gene expression systems and bioinformatics, to offer individual products and services or integrated solutions with a complete product & service package for peptide/gene expression and synthetic biology applications.

About European Conference on Natural Products, Frankfurt, Germany
The Conference on Natural Products: Research and Applications being held at the Dechema-Haus in Frankfurt am Main will bring together international experts from various communities dealing with current topics of bacterial, fungal and plant secondary metabolite research. There will be special emphasis on facilitating contacts and to interaction between practitioners in applied industrial and academic topics such as natural functions of secondary metabolites, physiology and regulation, genome mining, synthetic biology and biodiversity plus exploitation, application and development.

The conference, between September 22 and September 25 is being supported by the Netherlands-based Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) that brings together 46 member societies from 36 European countries, covering over 30,000 microbiologists.

Alexander Craig
ATG:biosynthetics GmbH
Tel: +49 761 8889424

For more information about ATG exhibiting at First European Conference on Natural Products in Frankfurt, please contact ATG:biosynthetics directly.

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