Successful DORNIER–LTF Distributor Conference inspires upgraded PIRO® training schedule

Successful DORNIER–LTF Distributor Conference inspires upgraded PIRO® training schedule

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APRIL 27, 2015

Lindau, Germany: – Laboratory engineering specialist DORNIER–LTF is planning to schedule further international training sessions for its groundbreaking PIRO® personal pipetting robot following the success of its Distributor Conference, held last month at its island headquarters on the Bavarian shore of Lake Constance.

The two-day event, called to share latest technical knowledge on desktop-sized PIRO® liquid handling system, was attended by executives, sales and marketing managers and support staff representing distributors from countries as far away as Japan.

Latest PIRO developments

“The meeting had two main business goals,” explained DORNIER–LTF Director of Applications and Sales, Dr. Rudolf Walser.

“First it was important to have face to face time with participants to train them on latest developments and also make them more familiar with newly developed features,” said Dr. Walser.

“The second aim was to gather feedback from people who are in field with our end-users on their experiences with us and our products to feed further product development,” he added.

“In general, feedback was extremely favorable, especially on overall PIRO quality and features. If there was a criticism, it was that we need to do more in the marketing and training areas,” said Dr. Walser.

Affordable middleware automation

The conference focused on marketing and communication of new PIRO features and striking benefits, summary of most recent upgrades and improvements to hardware and software and in particular the potential to use PIRO as affordable automation for middleware-solutions. The event included opportunities to get ‘hands on’ with new and improved features such as scanning options, ATF (automatic fluid transfer), import sampling, volume imports, data transfer and exporting to downstream applications.

“I think participants came away from the event understanding more fully the ‘Big Five’ arguments of PIRO: its connectivity with middleware solutions, its versatility, the systems precision, how it combines with efficiency with flexibility and that it is a system that is compact in size but big in what it can handle,” commented Dr. Walser.

The guests also appreciated the social agenda, which included an evening excursion over the border into Austria for a meal in historic Bregenz. They were also impressed with a Day Two guided tour of parent company Lindauer DORNIER, including demonstrations of its advanced capabilities in weaving carbon and other materials for armored vests.

Further training sessions

One conclusion from the event was that distributors had varying degrees of knowledge about PIRO technology. DORNIER-LTF will schedule specific web-based and face-to-face training sessions in the near future. These will bring all support and other staff up to speed on advanced applications and latest features added over the past 18 months.

“The main lessons we learned from this event were that our distributors occasionally struggle to keep abreast of latest developments on PIRO, which is a rapidly evolving platform”, said Dr. Walser.

“For this reason, we need to provide more frequent distributor meetings and training sessions to make sure all PIRO’s capabilities are being passed on to end-users,” he concluded.


DORNIER-LTF was formed from the partnership of high-tech engineering company Dornier GmbH with laboratory specialist LTF, to bring together state-of-the-art German engineering with applied scientific research experience.

The company specializes in creating reliable and easy to use precision pipetting devices that are essential research and diagnostic laboratory work. DORNIER-LTF has developed affordable high precision liquid handling robotic technologies, in particular the newly developed PIRO® pipetting robot that integrates high throughput benefits within a compact and easy to handle device.

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