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    DORNIER LabTech Systems debuts PIRO® personal pipetting robot in Malaysia

    news-releasesDORNIER LabTech Systems GmbH
    September 13th 2017

    Lindau, Germany: – Laboratory engineering specialist DORNIER LabTech Systems GmbH will use its debut appearance as exhibitor at the Malaysia International Genetics Congress (MIGC) in late September to introduce its ground-breaking PIRO® automated pipetting small robot to the local market.

    Dornier LabTech Systems will share its stand at the event with local distributor BioSpensa Resource based at the nearby Selangor Science Park in Petaling Jaya.

    Advanced liquid handling

    Mathew Thomas of BioSpensa will assist a DORNIER LabTech Systems team led by Head of Application Support, Dr. Rudolf Walser, in conducting live demonstration of the personal pipetting robot and its advanced liquid handling capabilities.

    “This event marks our debut as a laboratory force in the fast growing Malaysian market,” commented Dr. Walser.

    “This will be the first opportunity for most of the visitors to this congress to see the PIRO®’s huge potential as a personal pipetting robot with its powerful software for qPCR and all molecular biology related labs,” said Dr. Rudolf Walser.

    HPLC applications

    “Our presentations will focus on presenting the revolutionary PIRO® liquid handling robot and its personal pipetting capabilities, with its powerful software for qPCR and all molecular biology related lab tasks,” he said.

    “We will also be able to demonstrate PIRO®’s potential applications in related fields like MALDI-TOF, HPLC or other life science related laboratories,” Dr. Walser explained.

    “So our stand will be of very high interest to potential OEM Partners and Heads of laboratories needing a keenly priced but highly sophisticated liquid handling solution that offers high end pipetting quality combined with ease of use, along with easy import or export possibilities to or from LIMS systems or other instruments,” he added.

    The Dornier LabTech Systems team will be able to offer stand visitors access to a PIRO® console free of charge provided their project leads to an order within three months of MIGC12.

    About DORNIER LabTech Systems

    DORNIER LabTech Systems GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German manufacturer DORNIER with decades of experience in aerospace and building robotics equipment. As a pipetting specialist, it develops, produces and markets ‘Made in Germany‘ premium-quality, flexible and easy to use benchtop liquid and sample handling systems. DORNIER’s heritage as a respected aircraft builder is reflected in high quality, precision and reliability. Service and customer focus are key cornerstones of the DORNIER LabTech Systems company philosophy.

    The company specializes in creating reliable and easy to use high precision liquid handling devices that aid laboratory automation. DORNIER LabTech Systems has developed affordable high precision automated liquid handling robotic technologies, in particular the newly developed PIRO® pipetting small robot that integrates high throughput benefits within a compact and easy to handle device.

    The PIRO® has been designed for the needs of qPCR laboratories allowing versatility, precision, reproducibility, and safety combined with powerful pipetting middleware and intuitive drag and drop software for easy use and setup of reactions. Even though the PIRO® has a small bench top footprint, it allows for 16 positions to be used. Setting up 384-well plates without running out of tips, pipetting primary tubes, using the newly developed software features, easy recalibration and interchangeable pipetting heads are just a few features integrated in the PIRO®.

    With the development of the PIRO®, DORNIER LabTech Systems provides an automated pipetting system with a reliable hardware and newly developed software solution to facilitate the needs of any laboratory.

    About MIGC 2017

    The Malaysia International Genetics Congress (MIGC) was founded in 1995 as an open conference for geneticists held once every two years. The main aims of the Congress are to create a platform from which researchers from universities, public and private research institutions can reflect on advances made in the scientific fields of genetics, consider the best of contemporary research progress and anticipate future developments.

    The12th Congress, MIGC12, is a three-day even opening September 25 at the Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya in Bangi, Selangor. The theme for 2017 is “Soaring Beyond Frontiers of Genetics”, reflecting ever-increasing knowledge and understanding on the effect of genes in every sphere of life. The congress will highlight the topic on genome editing specifically focusing on the CRISPR system. The Congress also will cover genetic topics for plants, human, animal and microbes.

    The congress is organized by the Genetic Society of Malaysia with more information available at:

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