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    TubeMarker™ 2 error-free tube labeling from DORNIER LabTech Systems

    products-servicesDORNIER LabTech Systems GmbH
    January 30th 2018



    DORNIER LabTech Systems can now supply TubeMarker™ 2, a revolutionary system for error-free labeling of laboratory tubes.

    TubeMarker™ 2 can print text, linear barcodes, 2D codes and graphics directly onto tubes, eliminating risk of smudges, illegible writing or lost labels.

    TubeMarker™ 2 Technology

    TubeMarker™ 2 uses patent pending Thermal Pixel Printing technology to print directly on the surface of plastic tubes from 0.2 ml to 50 ml. ensure clean, fuss-free and durable labelling of all common tube formats.

    The system generates consistently legible text and barcodes at high resolutions, producing clearer and more durable marking compared to marker pens.

    The printing is resistant to alcohol, water, liquid nitrogen, DMSO and mechanical abrasion and no adhesive labels or stickers are required. This eliminates the frequent loss of labels after ethanol wash steps.

    TubeMarker™ 2 allows printing directly onto the surface of plastic laboratory tubes between 6 mm – 30 mm in diameter. Printing is stable over temperatures ranging from -196°C to 100°C. Several lines of text can be printed, for example: sample name, site, researcher name, date and time etc. All TrueType fonts available on the connected computer can be printed in a range of different sizes, with bold and italics also available.
    The instrument can also print linear barcodes or datamatrix (2D) codes and graphic files (monochrome .bmp, .gif or .tiff) such as logos.

    The software supports easy import of data from Microsoft® Excel such as .xls, .xlsx and .csv files and TubeMarker™ 2 includes an Automatic Printing Delay feature, where the instrument is able to detect the presence of a tube, automatically printing the next entry in table for rapid series labeling.


    TubeMarker™ 2 provides an ideal complement to the revolutionary PIRO® personal pipetting robot in an advanced small laboratory set up, providing researchers with a series of identifiable user benefits.

    • Compact system with small footprint
    • Clear, legible and smudge-free marking
    • No more disappearing markings
    • No more fiddling with tiny labels
    • Long lasting sample identification at competitive “per mark” cost

    Tube Compatibility

    The standard TubeMarker™ 2 package contains 8.5, 11.5 and 12.7 mm tube adaptors that are compatible with the most common 1.5 ml/2 ml tubes, 0.5 ml tubes, 2D cluster tubes and cryogenic tubes. Additional tube adaptors are available to support a wider range of tubes available on the market, including blood and vacutainer tubes, 15 ml and 50 ml falcon tubes. The table below shows some of the tubes that have been tested for optimal print quality on the TubeMarker™ 2.

    Supplier Tube Product Code Tube Adaptor
    4titude® 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml micro centrifuge Tubes, with safe-lock cap 4ti-0797/4ti-0798 4ti-0681
    4titude® 2 ml Cryotube, barcoded, external cap/internal cap 4ti-4010/4ti-4020 4ti-0684
    4titude® 5 ml Cryotube, barcoded, external cap/internal cap 4ti-4011/4ti-4021 4ti-0684
    Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes, 0.5 mL, Eppendorf Quality™ 0030121023 4ti-0682
    Matrix 2D barcoded, all volumes, internal/external cap Diverse 4ti-0685-4
    Sarstedt Screw Cap Micro Tube, 2 ml, with knurls 72.693.465 4ti-0685-1
    TPP 15 ml centrifuge tube, external cap 91015 4ti-0685-2TPP
    TPP 15 ml centrifuge tube, external cap 91015 4ti-0685-2TPP



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    TubeMarker™ 2 from DORNIER LabTech System offers faster and more reliable labeling of laboratory tubes

    TubeMarker™ 2 from DORNIER LabTech System offers faster and more reliable labeling of laboratory tubes

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    Supplier: DORNIER-LTF GmbH
    Address: Rickenbacher Str. 107, 88131 Lindau, Germany
    Tel: +49 8382 2730 890
    Fax: +49 8382 2730 8929

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