Sell out demand for Gerteis roller compaction training seminars

Sell-out demand for Gerteis roller compaction training seminars

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JUNE 11, 2014

Jona, Switzerland: – Jona, Switzerland: – Gerteis, the world-renowned specialist in roller compactor and dry granulation technologies, has announced that almost all places are now taken on its 2014 in-house training seminars.

The seminars are the first to be held at Gerteis’ new hi-tech headquarters and factory in Jona, to which the company moved earlier last year.

“All places are now booked out on the first seminar starting June 23,” said Gerteis VP for Sales & Technology, Hartmut vom Bey, who will be one of the lecturers on the workshops.

“However, as of today, we still have a very few places left for the second workshop, on June 26-27,” said Mr. Bey.
Gerteis first offered a roller compaction seminar in 2010 that received high praise for the depth and quality of learning it offered in all key aspects of the technology, including theory, R&D and production applications and the chance to gain valuable insights on containment, scale-up, continuous manufacturing and other key questions for researchers, development engineers and quality managers.


“I’m glad that we are able to offer these seminars again, but on an expanded scale,” said Mr vom Bey. “This has become possible with our move to the new building which provides the space and facilities to host these workshops, offering an inspiring environment, full presentation facilities as well as giving our guests the chance to get hands-on with the technologies.”

Anyone who misses out on places at the 2014 Gerteis roller compaction workshops may not have to wait a further four years for another chance.

“We’re hoping these workshops will become regular fixtures from now on,” said Mr. vom Bey. I think if the 2014 seminars are as successful as they are shaping up to be, there’s a high probability we’ll be hosting more in 2015.

Further Information for Editors

The Gerteis Roller Compaction seminars are intended for specialists working in the field of galenical development, process optimization and production. In lectures and hands-on sessions, they will range from basic information to up-to-date, in depth knowledge in the field of dry granulation.

Classroom Theory sessions are closely linked with hands-on Praxis sessions that will use a Mini-Pactor® system to simulate lab scale conditions and a Macro-Pactor® to model production scale environments.

The two day course is organized into four Theory and Praxis sessions on Roller Compaction, with speakers including:

  • Dr. Robert Frank Lammens: a specialist in solid dosage forms and scale-up aspects of different granulation methods including roller compaction, fluid bed granulation and high shear mixing. Dr. Lammens currently lectures at the University of Bonn’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and runs the company Technical Services Consult Lammens.
  • Dr. Barbara Fretter of the University of Bonn, specializing in solid dosage forms, instrumenting tablet presses and deformation behavior of powders.
  • Katharina Freischlad studies as a PhD student at University of Bonn’s Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, investigating performance of compression simulators on speed, force hardness profiles, and the influence of tooling geometry on laminating/capping.
  • Hartmut vom Bey heads the Gerteis Research & Development department and is responsible for all key technology projects, as well as for collaborations with various universities and colleges.
  • Michael Hanisch joined the Gerteis global sales & technology team in 2014 as Senior Project Manager. He is responsible for most of Europe and Middle East. He gained an extensive knowledge of the roller compaction process in the recent years.

About Gerteis

Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG is a Swiss-based company that has rapidly established itself as a world leader in the field of premium roller compactors. The company’s products and services cover all aspects of dry granulation processes, with unparalleled experience in this field built up since the company was founded in 1986.

Gerteis manufactures a wide range of high quality roller compactors that are versatile enough to process a vast range of powders, even notoriously problematic ones at both laboratory and production scales. The company’s patented technologies are widely used by the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Rapidly increasing demand recently forced the company to move from its original site in Jona on the shores of Lake Zurich to larger and purpose designed premises nearby, in a move completed at the end of 2013.

As well as manufacturing machinery, Gerteis offers complete solution packages that help customers increase productivity including support on identifying ideal formulations and in-house training courses on dry granulation processing. Gerteis constantly seeks to expand its knowledge on dry granulation, participating in numerous research collaborations with German universities.

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Hartmut vom Bey, Gerteis VP Sales & Technology, Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG
Tel: +41 55 222 55 22


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