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    Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG

    Gerteis specialise in providing optimal solutions for all your roller compaction needs, with over 30 years of experience their knowledge in dry granulation is second to none. Gerteis has established itself as a leader in the field of premium roller compactors and cover all aspects of dry granulation.

    Created in 1986 with headquarters in Jona, Switzerland, Gerteis have manufactured high quality roller compactors using its unique technology for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.

    Gerteis are committed to expanding their knowledge on dry granulation and therefore collaborate with various Universities in Germany.

    Gerteis’ machines are versatile enough to process a vast range of powders, even the most difficult ones. As well as providing the premium roller compactors Gerteis offer a complete solutions package to help increase your productivity including support on finding the perfect formulation, dedicated department for formulation questions and troubleshooting and in-house training courses on your selected Gerteis roller compactor.

    Benefits of Gerteis Technology

    • Angled rollers to ensure feed consistency
    • Consistent product quality due to the outstanding control over granulation parameters
    • Free floating gap design and in-process force control producing a constant density ribbon
    • Large diameter rollers to produce a longer dwell time in the nip area
    • Superior punch & die roller design to provide a constant density over the ribbon width and to virtually eliminate fines (no recirculation required!)
    • Three stage milling process with the granulating oscillating mill with adjustable screen clearance, to produce a consistent and controllable particle size distribution
    • Full instrumentation with critical quality process parameter data-acquisition
    • Full machine calibration

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