Research testimonial confirms ATG’s PepID efficacy in epitope mapping

Research testimonial confirms ATG’s PepID efficacy in epitope mapping

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MAY 05, 2016

Merzhausen, Germany: – A testimonial from the highly respected Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology at Medical University of Vienna pays tribute to the effectiveness of PepID technology and libraries developed by German-based clinical research organization ATG:biosynthetics.

ATG’s peptide libraries and PepID have proved essential to the advanced epitope mapping work being carried out by researcher Dr. Joshua Tobias, working in the Center’s Institute of Specific Prophylaxis and Tropical Medicine.

Dr. Tobias has depended on ATG for support in six successive projects focusing on epitope mapping.

PepID libraries

Dr. Tobias writes:
“The PepID technology, which is offered by ATG:biosynthetics, was found very suitable for this purpose. Therefore, for almost half a year now I have purchased in several libraries of peptides prepared by ATG and based on PepID technology.”

Dr. Tobias also commended the quality of ATG’S library preparation and general service levels.

Service and solutions

“I would like to thank ATG:biosynthetics for the professional preparation of the libraries, and in particular I appreciate the provided service. ATG’s contact people are very helpful and enthusiastic in providing any necessary information regarding provided materials and also in suggesting solutions where necessary,” he says.

“Altogether, based on my experience and satisfaction, I highly recommend ATG:biosynthetics for their professionalism, services and availability,” Dr. Tobias concludes.

About ATG: biosynthetics

Advanced Technical Genetomics (ATG) is a German-based company that specializes in synthetic biology, combinatorial gene design and multi-gene expression. Located in Merzhausen near Freiburg, ATG offers a complete range of multi-gene and multi-peptide expression products and services for synthetic and molecular biology as well as allied research and development areas.

ATG: biosynthetics possesses particular strengths in designing tailor-made solutions (e.g., gene cluster and complete pathway designs) that harness its technologies and services in related product areas that include gene synthesis, bioinformatics, molecular in silico biodesign, epitope mapping and pathway engineering. These provide clients with individual products and services or integrated solutions that offer a complete product & service package for peptide/gene expression and synthetic biology applications.

ATG seeks partnerships and outsourcing projects that aim at developing and marketing high-potential applications, e.g. creating high efficiency DNA- and protein-based vaccines.

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