Progress-EXS delivers Feasibility study for advanced Slovakian fill & finish pharma facility

Progress-EXS delivers Feasibility study for advanced Slovakian fill & finish pharma facility


Press Release | Progress-EXS

OCTOBER 03, 2019

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands: – Progress Executive Services (Progress-EXS), a key partner for executives within Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries, has successfully delivered a feasibility study for a new-build Fill & Finish pharmaceutical plant in Slovakia.

The new plant will provide advanced aseptic fill & finish facilities for start-up generics producer CMO Floul Pharmaceuticals near Bratislava.

Multi-level collaboration

The feasibility study was the result of a three-way collaboration between different stakeholders.

In addition to the end-client Floul Pharmaceuticals, the Progress-EXS consulting team was also working with Dutch-based architectural firm KuiperCompagnons and engineers from Progress-EXS parent firm Progress Project Management & Engineering (Progress-PME).

Bringing the vision alive

Lubos Golsky (COO of Floul Pharmaceuticals) commented: “The collaboration with Progress-EXS was pleasant from the start. Their management support and experience of the pharmaceutical industry resulted in a robust feasibility study of the plant that gives real expression to our vision.”

Progress-EXS CEO Thijs Veerman responded: “We are proud to be supporting Floul Pharmaceuticals in their decision-making process and very content to have developed something beautiful, in a pleasant and constructive way.”

About Progress-EXS

Headquartered at Hoofddorp in The Netherlands, Progress Executive Services (Progress-EXS) is the high-level consultancy firm, providing C-suite strategic advice and high-level management services to international customers in the life sciences industries.

Progress-EXS was founded to act as a key partner for executives within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and other life science organizations, supporting them with their decision-making processes and identifying strategic and operational gaps that place products, delivery and quality at risk.

Progress-EXS principally supports its clients with interim senior management and consultancy services, relying on a wide network of consultants and senior interim executives possessing deep experience of top level management in the life science and pharmaceutical companies industry to offer specialized executive-focused advice and services. These cover strategic and business-critical aspects such as manufacturing efficiency, quality, business development and management of projects, processes and programs.

It has also developed targeted products and tools such as its validated license-to-operate GMP compliance program and time-to-market CMC QuickScans.

Further information at:

About Progress-PME

Progress-PME is an independent consultancy company with customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and in the healthcare sector. It operates internationally, supplying project management, engineering, CMC, validation Lean/OPex and quality assurance services.

Progress-PME’s mission is to excel in supporting clients to realize their business goals, harnessing broad knowledge and experience, combined with focus and flexibility to guarantee high value services and projects and multi-disciplinary progress. Progress-PME offers general services in eight fields: project management, a specialized Quick scan & GAP analysis services helping companies into new markets or products, training, hospital pharmacy support, biobanking, and environmental management.

The company also offers management services covering fields such as Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma performance improvement, Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) for new pharmaceutical products, engineering and facilities support.

Founded in 1999, Progress-PME and its Executive Services subsidiary Progress EXS are privately-owned companies.

Further information at:

About Floul Pharmaceuticals

Headquartered at Bratislava in Slovakia, Floul Pharmaceuticals is a start-up biotech company focused on delivering biologics and generic drugs at affordable and accessible prices.

Floul’s mission is to make high quality generics and biologics affordable as good health is something everyone desires and deserves. Its ambition is to put cutting-edge science, innovative solutions and talented people into action to increase access to quality medicines at sustainable pricing to treat important remedies.

Floul sees national healthcare systems overburdened with skyrocketing drugs costs and is ready to change that.

Floul has adopted a collaborative model, based upon strong partnerships with leading scientists, research institutions and partner companies. The strategy of developing robust business-to-business partnerships enables Floul to share knowledge with and draw upon the specialist skills of partner companies. This helps to manage costs, deliver short product development cycle times and bring much-needed products to market.

About KuiperCompagnons

KuiperCompagnons is a Netherland-based architectural firm that specializes in the design of complex utility buildings, including laboratories, hospitals and clean room facilities.

For more than 100 years KuiperCompagnons has been a forward-looking company, driven by a responsibility for this generation and future ones and a mission to produce designs that contribute to a happy, healthy and sustainable life, living and working.

They work on the spatial challenges of tomorrow as a multidisciplinary consultancy and design firm with a close team of urban designers, architects, planners, lawyers and other specialists.

Essential for its customers are buildings in which specific processes can take place without compromising on quality. Environments that function perfectly, now and in the future, in which safety, comfort and durability are carefully considered.

Whether it is about employees, visitors, residents or patients, users must feel at ease. The perception of space plays a crucial role: people want to be able to identify with their environment. Recognizability and atmosphere are the most important ingredients.

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The new Floul Pharmaceuticals facility

The new Floul Pharmaceuticals facility

The Progress-EXS team delivers the feasibility study

The Progress-EXS team delivers the feasibility study

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