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Progress Executive Services (Progress-EXS)

Progress Executive Services (Progress-EXS) is the high-level consultancy arm of Progress-PME, providing C-suite strategic advice and high-level management services to international customers in the life sciences industries.

Progress-EXS was founded to act as a key partner for executives within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and other life science organizations, supporting them with their decision-making processes and identifying strategic and operational gaps that place products, delivery and quality at risk.

Activities and Services

Progress-EXS principally supports its clients with interim senior management and consultancy services.

The company relies on a wide network of consultants and senior interim executives possessing deep experience of top level management in the life science and pharmaceutical companies industry to offer specialized executive-focused advice and services. These cover strategic and business-critical aspects such as manufacturing efficiency, quality, business development and management of projects, processes and programs.

It has also developed targeted products and tools such as its validated license-to-operate GMP compliance program and time-to-market CMC Quick Scans.

EXS applies a personal touch, paying close attention to every business need and challenge of the customer to define a tailored approach with the overall aim of improving performance across the whole organisation.

Progress-EXS services are delivered under four principal streams:

  • Management Consultancy: Experienced advice in multiple disciplines, helping clients to identify problems and identify solutions or improvements. Progress-EXS has developed several unique tools for project or departmental review and for risk assessment in key areas. Progress-EXS consultants can break down complex projects or processes into step-by-step action plans, providing additional resources and expertise for execution and delivery. They are also highly experienced and knowledgeable in key aspects such as GMP compliance and current industry standards.
  • Interim management: Progress-EXS staff can take on interim management positions at executive level within client companies. Their -depth knowledge and experience can provide valuable business development and strategic perspectives to bear on key aspects such as QC/QA, supply chain efficiencies to support specialized environments such as engineering, R&D or Logistics.
  • Quick Scans: Progress-EXS can use its proprietary analytical QuickScan tools to identify critical gaps in product development strategy and accelerate time-to-market. These tools include Scan Time-to-Market (CMC), Scan License-to-Operate (GMP) and Scan Efficient/Effective Processes. based on Lean Six Sigma approach. Quick Scans deliver detailed reports including all identified gaps plus C-Suite presentations including explicit recommendations that can simplify internal decision-making processes.
  • Business development: Seasoned Progress- EXS experts can act as your representative connecting you to the right company or network in case you want to expand or enter new markets. If you wish to get input on your business development plan, Progress-EXS can find the right partner for your specific case.

Company history and structure

Founded in 2018, Progress-EXS is the executive consulting arm of Progress Project Management and Engineering (Project-PME), drawing on parent company expertise and resources wherever necessary.

Progress-EXS is also led by Progress-PME founder Paul Linssen as Managing Director, with specific management provided by Operational Director Thijs Veerman, Sales Director Alwin Voetman and Senior Consultant and Advisor Inés Rodriguez Alvarez.

Progress-PME is a private limited company with all the shares held by members of the Management board to guarantee maximum involvement of stakeholders in the company’s daily business.

For Progress-EXS, mutual trust forms the basis for all collaborations, which means the company has to be driven by integrity, high quality standards and customer engagement.

Since Progress-EXS clients need to comply with various international standards, all its consultants are well versed in these standards, including cGMP, EMA/FDA guidelines and specialized quality guidelines for biotech, pharma and hospitals.

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