POLYGRAN® Roller Compactor System

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POLYGRAN® Roller Compactor System

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POLYGRAN® Roller Compactor System

The entry-level Gerteis roller compactor, the POLYGRAN® system combines high sophistication with class-leading value for money.

The POLYGRAN® roller compactor incorporates many of the unique technologies from the PACTOR® range but is very well adapted to both development and production environments, with simplified handling and controls for easy accessibility, effortless maintenance and throughputs ranging from 500g up to 300 kilograms per hour.

Features and Benefits
• Simple but accurate feed system to ensure consistent powder dose to rollers
• Angled compaction rollers for greater feed consistency, constant ribbon density and minimal temperature gain
• Free floating gap design and in-process force control producing a constant density ribbon
• Large diameter rollers for longer dwell time in the nip area
• Roller design provides constant density over ribbon: no recirculation required to eliminate fines
• Effective granulating oscillating mill design with adjustable screen clearance for more consistent and controllable particle size distribution and minimal energy input
• Full instrumentation with critical quality process parameter data acquisition
• Full machine calibration
• Reduced number of interchangeable parts for easier disassembly/reassembly
• Validated gap and force measurement
• Advanced feeding hopper design for all process requirements for full production

Additional Options
• Different roller surfaces
• Variable screen mesh sizes
• Operator interface with touch screen panel
• Recipe management
• Process data archiving
• CFR 21 Part 11 compliancy
• OPC-Connection
• Integrated two-step granulation system

Technical Specifications:
Press force: 1-15 Kilonewtons per cm
Roller speed: 20 RPM
Gap: 2 -5 mm
Weight: 1300 Kg

For more information about the POLYGRAN® Roller Compactor System, please contact Gerteis directly.

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