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    PHCbi ULT & Biomedical Freezers for secure ultra-low temperature storage

    products-servicesPHC Europe BV
    August 2nd 2022

    PHCbi offers a range of ULT and biomedical freezers that are specifically designed for cold storage of biosamples below -80°C, along with cryogenic freezers that can maintain stable temperatures as low as -150°C.

    Derived from pioneering freezers, PHCbi Ultra low freezers combine secure Ultra-Low Temperature storage (down to -86°C) with a range of advanced features maximizing cost-savings, low environmental impact and user convenience.

    Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers

    Specialized ultra-low temp freezers are key to the success of many applications in bioscience. Maintaining extremely low temp freezer temperatures with precision and stability is vital for storage of sensitive bio samples containing molecules, such as proteins that are denatured at normal temperatures. These samples are valuable and sometimes irreplaceable and must be kept in a specific environment.

    With more than 30 years of expertise and experience, PHCbi is synonymous with quality in ultra-low temp lab freezers and clinical storage solutions. It has developed ‘game-changing’ technology in this realm in response to growing demand for ULT storage solutions following medical and scientific advances. For example, it introduced the world’s first -152°C ULT Freezer in 1991 and as PHCbi continues to invest in ongoing development of ULT solutions.

    In today’s challenging clinical regimes, lab freezers need to provide a minimal environmental footprint, energy efficiency, ease-of-use, and maintenance, as well as features to ensure operator safety.

    The temperature range required for secure sample storage depends upon the sample type. While a regular (commercial) freezer has a temperature range of -30°C to 0°C, Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers are designed for a range of -86°C to -40°C, and cryogenic ULT freezers are capable of achieving temperatures down to -150°C. The technology, materials and refrigerants used for each of these three broad categories of freezer differs.

    Overall, ULT Freezers need to meet rigorous standards and comply with all key certifications. To reach the required temperatures and maintain a uniform environment, they require powerful freezing capacity with back-up; specialized protective insulation; fast temperature recovery; highly effective user-interfaces, including doors, monitoring systems, and alarms; and clear and specific user protocols.

    PHCbi’s ULT freezers are well-established and well-respected products in the world of life sciences and are available across a wide range of designs tailored to specific applications.

    TwinGuard ULT Freezers

    PHCbi TwinGuard ULT Freezers use dual cooling circuits to achieve stable temperatures down to -86°C and to provide double security for extremely valuable samples, such as those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, research institutes or blood and tissue banks.

    Medical freezers need to be safeguarded against cooling failure that could significantly increase the risk of losing a unique, irreplaceable, or potentially life-saving collection of samples, which could halt promising research, delay medical treatments, or cause substantial financial losses, as well as an administrative nightmare. PHCbi developed Dual Cooling technology specifically to greatly reduce this risk.

    TwinGuard ULT freezers provide an unparalleled level of safety and added peace of mind through the use of two independent refrigeration systems that reliably maintain an ultra-low temperature environment, even if an unexpected failure should occur in one cooling circuit.

    Cryogenic ULT Freezers

    PHCbi Cryogenic ULT Freezers are specially designed for temperatures down to -150°C for applications with living cells, such as tissue and cells used in stem cell therapy, blood products, mesenchymal stromal cells for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, cancerous tissue samples, IVF semen, ova, oocytes and embryos, and seeds or shoots  for plant breeding.

    VIP ULT Freezers

    PHCbi r VIP-ULT-freezers feature specialist VIP insulation to achieve -86°C ultra-low temperatures with lower energy consumption, making them ideal for long term sample storage in repositories, hospitals, clinics, and medical research facilities.

    VIP ECO ULT Freezers

    The VIP ECO ULT freezer range is designed to meet real-world laboratory freezer and clinical needs, with a range of advanced technologies and sensible design features. These include environmentally friendly and efficient refrigeration based on natural hydrocarbon refrigerants, energy efficent cascade cooling with patented capillary tube heat exchanger that maximizes efficiency of high and low stage circuits, and PHCbi Inverter Compressors that run at different speeds to maximize cooling performance under different conditions. The VIP ECO ultra-low lab freezers also incorporate intelligent touch panel interfaces and EZlatch door handle to make control and access to stored samples easy, even with gloved hands, while front-mounted USB port enables easy transfer of logged data to a PC. The combination of VIP PLUS vacuum insulation and an enhanced cabinet design with insulated outer door, ensures optimum storage capacity for cabinet size along with temperature uniformity. PHCbi first developed ECO line solutions featuring advanced hydrocarbon refrigerant technology over a decade ago to provide its customers with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cold storage equipment options. Now, together with the outstanding insulation of VIP insulation, these technologies are available in PHCbi ultra-low temperature freezers.

    PRO ULT Freezers

    PHCbi PRO ULT Freezers cool at -86°C and are ideal for long-term preservation of biologicals, blood components and various cell lines.

    Hybrid Water Cooled Freezers

    PHCbi’s VIP ECO and Cryogenic ULT freezers include Hybrid Water Cooled models feature hybrid water cooled technology that improves compressor efficiency. Use of hybrid water cooled technology, combined with VIP insulation, has the potential to reduce power consumption by typically 10~12%, compared to equivalent air-cooled models.


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    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    PHCbi ULT & Biomedical Freezers for secure ultra-low temperature storage

    PHCbi 729 liter capacity VIP ECO ULT Freezer MDF-DU702VH: maximum user friendliness and minimal energy consumption.

    PHCbi ULT & Biomedical Freezers for secure ultra-low temperature storage

    PHCbi TwinGuard Ultra Low Temp. Freezer MDF-DU502VX-PE meets industry demand for safe, long-term storage for high-valued materials, secured with two independent refrigeration systems, combined with optional liquid CO2 back-up systems.

    PHCbi ULT & Biomedical Freezers for secure ultra-low temperature storage

    Class IIa medical device certified PRO ECO ULT Freezer MDF-DU300H-PE provides 333L of secure storage of valuable research and clinical samples with minimized energy consumption and environmental impact.

    PHCbi ULT & Biomedical Freezers for secure ultra-low temperature storage

    Cryogenic ULT Freezer MDF-C2156VAN-PE offers more than 230 litres of storage at -150oC.

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