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    PHCbi TwinGuard ECO Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

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    May 28th 2024

    PHCbi has added the advanced MPR-S1201 TwinGuard ECO series to its range of sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators that deliver uniform storage temperatures from 2oC to 14oC for critical laboratory, pharmacy and vaccine storage applications, combined with assured temperature security and easy access.

    These latest TwinGuard Pharmaceutical Refrigerators use natural HC refrigerants combined with inverter-controlled compressors to reduces overall power consumption by more than 75% compared with existing models.

    TwinGuard ECO features

    Developed and manufactured by PHCbi, these refrigerators are designed to meet the most exacting regulatory standards, with advanced cooling and electronic technology to provide precise and stable temperature for the ideal preservation of medical supplies, samples, reagents, and pharmaceuticals.

    Shared features and benefits include effective, reliable temperature control, quiet operation, ease of use and ergonomic design.

    Specific features for the MPR-S1201 models include:

    • Twin circuit cooling: A single unit incorporates two independent refrigerating circuits. Should one circuit experience a problem, the other circuit will continue to maintain in-chamber temperature at SV 5°C + 3°C. The twin circuits ensure double-safe preservation of crucial stored items.
    • Smart twin compressors: The TwinGuard’s two compressors toggle between ON and OFF, either singly or together, depending on temperature demands. Operating system algorithms determine ideal switching patterns for Compressors A and B to minimize power consumption.
    • Adjustable cooling: The new design allows inverter compressor speed to be regulated gradually to maintain the chamber temperature and limit fluctuations between peaks to 2.1oC.
    • Natural HC refrigerants: Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants provide more efficient cooling due to their high latent heat of evaporation. As a result, smaller compressors can be used leading to greater energy efficiency. With exceptionally low global warming potential natural refrigerants are also better for the environment.
    • Inverter compressor technology: Unlike a conventional reciprocating compressor where the piston is always working at full speed, an inverter compressor can operate at different speeds depending on the ambient and load conditions. This not only reduces overall energy consumption but also minimizes compressor startups, further saving energy and reducing mechanical wear.
    • Cycle Defrost system: Maintains peak cooling efficiency and optimizes temperature management.
    • Hi-tech doors: The door design uses high-insulated multi-layered glass with Low-E (Low-Emissivity) coating, encapsulating an inert Argon gas barrier for superior thermal insulation. Warm air directed upwards across the exterior face keeps glass doors free of condensation.
    • Ergonomic design: Large framed door windows provide a clear view of stored items, while the slim profile allows easier retrieval, and the self-closing sliding doors makes these units ideal for limited spaces.
    • LED interior light: Automatically turns on/off in combination with the door opening/ closing. It can also be controlled from the control panel.

    TwinGuard ECO range

    There are two TwinGuard ECO models.

    • MPR-S1201XH-PE offers 1165 liters of total storage, arranged on 12 shelves.
    • MPR-S1201RXH-PE offer 1155 liters storage, distributed between 6 shelves and 10 drawers.

    In all other respects, including overall dimensions, construction, technological features, and available options, the two models are identical.

    Options for both models include a backup battery kit for failure of power supply and a choice of circular or continuous strip temperature recorder.

    TwinGuard ECO benefits

    The TwinGuard ECO design and features on the MPR-S1201 models delivers a series of solid user benefits that include:

    • Ultimate Sample Protection through precise temperature management and twin circuit cooling.
    • User-friendliness with intuitive controls, easy access in restricted spaces, maximum visibility and flexible storage options.
    • Energy Efficiency and reduced power consumption from leading edge cooling technologies and thermal insulation.
    • Improved Sustainability through use of natural refrigerants and reduced energy consumption.


    Click on MPR-S1201XH-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator  to download product flyer.
    Click on MPR-S1201RXH-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator  to download product flyer.


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    PHCbi TwinGuard ECO Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    PHCbi TwinGuard ECO MPR-S1201XH-PE Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerator offers 1165 liters of total storage, arranged on 12 shelves.

    PHCbi TwinGuard ECO Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    PHCbi TwinGuard ECO MPR- MPR-S1201RXH-PE Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerator offers offer 1155 liters storage, distributed between six shelves and 10 drawers.

    PHCbi TwinGuard ECO Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    TwinGuard system uses a pair of compressors that operate in tandem for ideal operating patterns to maximise temperature regulation, ensure security and minimize overall power consumption.

    PHCbi TwinGuard ECO Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    Improved temperature management: inverter compressor speed can be adjusted to gradually maintain the chamber temperature and control it peak to peak: 2.1ºC.

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