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    PHCbi Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

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    May 20th 2020

    PHCbi’s range of sliding door refrigerators deliver uniform storage temperature for the most demanding of life sciences and healthcare applications combined with easy access. Manufactured and distributed by PHCbi, these refrigerators are designed for laboratory, pharmacy and vaccine storage, meeting the most exacting regulatory standards.

    The PHCbi lineup of Pharmaceutical Refrigerators are equipped with advanced cooling and electronic technology to provide precise and stable temperature for the ideal preservation of medical supplies. Shared features and benefits include effective, reliable temperature control, quiet operation, ease of use and ergonomic design.

    MPR-S163-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

    With an effective capacity of 158L and temperature range of 2℃ to 14℃, the compact MPR-S163-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator nevertheless offers large capacity for reliable storage of pharmaceutical and medical supplies and delivers uniform temperature storage for demanding applications.

    Its features include:

    • Safety devices and pre-settable alarms for conditions including door open, breaching of high and low temperature limits, and door delay time.
    • Adjustable auto recovery function
    • Ridged wire shelves with zinc plated finish
    • Microprocessor temperature control
    • Fan-driven forced air circulation
    • Cycle Defrost System
    • Digital temperature display.

    User benefits include superior cooling performance, energy efficiency, effective temperature control and space-saving format.

    Self-diagnostic functions include parts replacement notifications and optional power failure alarm with remote alarm contacts.

    MPR-S313-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

    Operating in the ideal laboratory temperature range of 2℃ to 14℃, the MPR-S313-PE offers similar features and benefits to the MPR-S163-PE but with more than double the effective capacity, of 340 liters for reliable storage of pharmaceutical and medical supplies.

    MPR-514-PE/MPR-514R-PE Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    The MPR-514-PE Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerator also works in a temperature range of 2℃ to 14℃ but offers effective capacity of 489L.

    This unit features a slim design and optional sliding shelves that allow for ergonomic easy-reach retrieval of products.

    The +4°C 514R version incorporates additional features that meet the increasing requirements for strict and exact storage temperatures for temperature sensitive biologicals at (2(-14°C). These “R” features include pull-out drawers that are ideally sized for holding large bottles and reagent kits as well as space efficient storage and management of samples.

    In addition to the features listed above, the MPR 721 series also incorporates a high efficiency cooling compressor to deliver faster and more powerful refrigeration, as well as a filterless condenser to cut down on cleaning maintenance.


    Following a similar format to the MPR-514 series, featuring slim design and optional sliding shelves that allow for ergonomic easy-reach retrieval of products, the, the 1014 series offers 1033 liter storage capacity. Again, there is a +4°C 1014R version tailored for storage of highly temperature sensitive biologicals with slide-out drawers.



    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    PHCbi Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    MPR-1014-PE Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, with storage capacity of 1,033 liters

    PHCbi Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    PHCbi’s most compact Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, MPR-S163-PE offers 158L storage capacity and a full range of fail-safe control and alarm features

    PHCbi Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    Tailored for biologicals: 489L MPR-514R-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator is fitted with slide out drawers for convenient storage of bottles, reagents, samples, etc.

    PHCbi Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    Unlike conventional domestic refrigerators, PHCbi (Panasonic) Pharmaceutical Refrigerators maintain a uniform even temperature that is not affected by ambient conditions

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