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    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators

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    March 21st 2023

    PHCbi’s range of MIR Cooled Incubators are designed for a wide range of clinical and laboratory applications that demand high-precision, automatic temperature settings between -10o C and +60oC and variable lighting to culture biological samples over a range of environmental conditions.

    The engineering and features of the MIR cooled incubator range also respects laboratory testing needs for precision, repeatability and reliability to avoid jeopardizing samples, results, or entire research projects.

    MIR Cooled Incubator Features

    The MIR series includes three programmable cooled incubator models that provide a choice of capacities and features: the MIR-154-PE (123 liters), MIR-254-PE (238 liters) and the MIR-554-PE (406 liters). A host of accessory options are also available for the MIR series, extending flexibility even further.

    MIR programmable Cooled Incubators are respected worldwide as creating ideal incubator environments for precise and regulated cell cultures, incorporating advanced technology and unique design features, including the exclusive IncuSafe copper enriched stainless steel interior chamber for protection against contamination. Other features include:

    • High precision, microprocessor-controlled PID heater system: minimizes temperature fluctuations to within +0.2ºC, using heater control only, and +1.5ºC in combination with compressor-control. This level of accuracy is essential for the success of many environmental tests, experiments with microorganisms and plant germination in particular.
    • Door window and fluorescent lamp: enables clear observation of samples and minimize the need to open the door, which can create temperature fluctuations. Optional window blanking plate (included on MIR-554) enables day/night simulation.
    • Fan circulation: Optimizes temperature uniformity within the incubators, with door switch triggering to minimize air loss and reduce temperature recovery times for door openings.
    • User-friendly controls: A combination of bright clear LCD Display, menu-driven operating system and easily operated soft touch control buttons allow quick and intuitive operation, even with gloved hands. The system includes selectable 24-hour Clock and Timer modes, join function to combine multiple programs, programmable start times (date/hour) and auto-recording of operation data.
    • Programmable operation functions: Temperature, light on/off  and time parameters can be combined to set up multi-step constant or repeating operations, programmed according to the experimentation requirements. Programs can be set to repeat up to 98 times over defined periods or continuously. Up to ten programs can be stored for convenient retrieval and set-up of frequently run experiments.
    • Condensation and desiccation prevention: MIR-554 features a humidity reduction mode to reduce inner chamber condensation during high temperature operations, while MIR-154 and MIR-254 allow a DC fan to be aimed obliquely upward to prevent direct air flow contacting samples to prevent desiccation and reduce medium drying times by approximately 50% and 15% respectively.
    • Ergonomic form: rounded corner designs and reversible door for a choice of left or right-hand opening (MIR-154 and MIR-254) plus low vibration setting for some samples ensure more comfortable operation..
    • Automatic defrosting: PHCbi Cooled Incubators provide an automatic defrost function that operates automatically at a specified time every day. Manual defrosting is also selectable.
    • Light timer control: On/off programmed timer control for standard equipped fluorescent light (15W x 1pc) is available. Optional light addition kit (MIR-L15) can add three more fluorescent lights into the chamber ceiling, giving approx. 3000 lux at 30cm below from the light sources.
    • Environmentally conscious: Microprocessor control and foamed-in-place insulation results in optimum control and lower energy consumption. Additional energy savings over a wide range of ambient environments are delivered by high efficiency heater output, automatic compressor on/off, and low heat-emission inner chamber fan.
    • Alarm and Security Systems: Digital indicators and buzzer alerts warn of interior temperature deviations, combined with an independent over-temperature protection circuit that automatically turns off heater and chamber fan motor when excessive temperature is detected, and turns off compressor when temperature drops too low. An automatic return function restores alarm settings to ON after power interruption.
    • Tamper proofing: Key lock function prevents unauthorized changes to settings
    • Backup and diagnostic functions: Retains program settings stored in memory in event of power outage and digitally indicates source of problem in case of malfunction.


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    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators

    MIR-154 Cooled Incubator has a capacity of 123 liters and can reproduce a wide variety of -10ºC to +60ºC temperature and lighting patterns for biological research, environmental studies and testing.

    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators

    MIR-254 Cooled Incubator provides capacity of 238 liters on a compact 70 x 58cm footprint.

    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators

    MIR-554 Cooled Incubator offers capacity of 406 liters along with a suite of enhanced features, including key lock and self diagnosis functions and built in window blanking plate.

    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators

    MIR Cooled Incubators feature user friendly and highly capable control system along with programmable  temperature, lighting and time settings for precise experiments and culturing.

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