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    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators for controlled and precise sample culturing

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    October 12th 2021

    Combining advanced technology, unique design features and high-quality engineering, PHCbi’s MIR Cooled Incubators series deliver the precision, control and reliability required in laboratories.

    The MIR range all feature the programmable temperature and lighting controls needed to simulate a wide range of growth and study conditions.

    Cooled Incubation

    Many test and experimentation protocols require wide-ranging, high-precision, automatic temperature and lighting control, for example, in analyzing sample performance across a range of different environmental conditions. In others, distinct and precise temperature and lighting protocols are critical at specific times, for culturing of biological samples or in plant germination. Precision, repeatability and reliability in laboratory testing are essential to avoid jeopardizing samples, results, or entire research projects.

    Laboratories around the world and across a diverse range of industries depend on PHCbi MIR programmable Cooled Incubators to deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability and flexibility, as well as value for money and enhanced efficiency.

    Precise control over wide range

    The exceptional versatility of the MIR series is based on extensive temperature range, with every system able to be set to any temperature between -10ºC and +60ºC. The high precision, microprocessor-controlled PID heater enables precise temperature control with minimal fluctuation of just +0.2ºC, using heater control only, and +1.5ºC in combination with compressor-control. This level of accuracy is essential for the success of many environmental tests, experiments with microorganisms and plant germination in particular, also assisted by the MIR series’ door windows and lighting to enable clear observation of samples and minimize the need to open the door.

    In addition, fan circulation optimizes the temperature uniformity within the incubators. The door switch automatically turns the circulation fan off with door opening to minimize air loss and reduce temperature recovery times, a key feature for dynamic environments, such as a busy microbiological testing laboratories.

    Window blanking plate (standard with the MIR-554 model and optionally available for MIR-154 and MIR-254) allows day/night simulation.

    MIR Series

    The MIR series includes three programmable cooled incubator models that provide a range of capacities but which all provide outstanding performance and flexibility, enabling users to replicate in-vivo conditions very closely for optimal results and reproducibility.

    • MIR-154-PE: The most compact model in the range offer 123 liters of storage capacity and is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring -10ºC to +60ºC environments and reproduction of a wide variety of temperatures and lighting patterns. It features programmable operation with microprocessor control over temperature, lighting and time cycles, allowing up to 12-step repeating operations. Up to 10 programs can be stored for frequently run experiments.
    • MIR-254-PE: This mid-sized system provides 238 liters of working space. Offering the same wide temperature range from -10ºC to +60ºC with excellent uniformity and precise control, along with energy-saving and secure, comprehensive alarm system, the MIR-254-PE is additionally equipped with a DC fan that can be directed obliquely upward within the cabinet to prevent direct air flow contacting samples to reduce desiccation and medium drying.
    • MIR-554-PE: The top of the range cooled incubator offer 406 liters of working capacity with the temperature, lighting and timing versatility characteristic of the MIR range. It additionally offers advanced features, such as Automatic Setting Temperature Alarm, Independent Over-temperature Protection Device, Programmed Memory Back-up Mechanism, Automatic Return Buzzer Switch, Key Locking, Self-diagnostic Trouble Monitor, and Automatic Return Buzzer Switch.

    Accessories and options

    A host of accessory options are also available for the MIR series that extend flexibility of the system further. These include stacking kits, door padlock brackets, additional illumination, and door window blanking plates (supplied as standard on MIR-554-PE).


    Click on PHCbi MIR-154-PE for product details and resources.
    Click on PHCbi MIR-254-PE for product details and resources.
    Click on PHCbi MIR-554-PE for product details and resources.


    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators for controlled and precise sample culturing

    Compact and stackable: MIR-154-PE Cooled Incubator

    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators for controlled and precise sample culturing

    Mid-sized MIR-254-PE Cooled Incubator: Features include internal fan to prevent sample desiccation

    PHCbi MIR Cooled Incubators for controlled and precise sample culturing

    MIR-554-PE: 406 liter capacity and featuring standard day/night door window blanking

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