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    PHCbi iP-TEC® range for live cell shipment and handling

    products-servicesPHC Europe BV
    May 23rd 2023

    PHCEU offers the range of iP-TEC® storage solutions and containers for live cell transportation and handling. Across the range, iP-TEC® products feature innovative design and carefully selected materials to ensure ease of handling and maximum sample protection.

    The range includes T-25 flasks and secondary containers, cell transport containers, and live cell transport solutions including boxes and container for well plates and petri dishes.

    T-25 Flasks & Secondary Container

    When transporting cells in live condition, there is a risk that a culture medium in a flask gets shaken causing cells to scale. The traditional remedy has been to fill the flask with culture medium, increasing overall consumption of culture medium and increasing costs for conventional flasks.

    The revolutionary PHCbi iP-TEC®  T-25 Flask uses an innovative form which minimizes the amount of culture medium used for transport without changing its incubation area. The form is also deigned to be friendly for pipette and scraper, safely stackable and to prevent shaking and foaming of the culture media.

    The superb pliant shape and ingenious nose geometry make it possible to scrape out cells in every corner. This shape of the iP-TEC® ® mini scraper provides ease of grabbing enables nuanced movements.

    PHCbi also offers a Secondary Container for Live Transport of iP-TEC® ® T-25 flasks, that allows up to six flasks to be shipped as a single package. All parts of the secondarily container can be autoclaved for sterilization.

    Live Cell Transport Solutions for Well Plates & Dishes

    iP-TEC® solutions include innovative covers for well plates and petri dishes that do not rely on adhesives.

    Manufactured from non-cytotoxic medical silicon rubber, the covers use an ingenious two-part design that allows the user simply to place a cover over the cell culture plate or dish, place an outer cover plank on top and finally clip to seal. This is a much easier process than using adhesive and minimizes the risk of contaminating the culture medium. The ‘breathable’ inner cover allows optimal CO2 gas penetration while the outer plank ensures a tight liquid seal.

    Cell Transport Boxes and Accessories

    For long distance live cell shipping, PHCbi has developed the iP-TEC® X-13 Standard Transport Box, designed to transport all iP-TEC® ® secondary containers safely and with confidence. All inner isolation is fitted to prevent unwanted heat loss and gaps and prevent the samples from being damaged. The box is ideally suited for medium and long distance shipments, with stabilized temperatures of 36oC for up to 100 hours, thanks to inner insulation of aluminum.

    The box’s 13-liter capacity allows transport of multiple flasks or culture plates.

    The transport range also includes the tote BOX-6.6 container for ‘last mile’ courier transport of live cells. Custom-designed for light weight and robust sample protection this tertiary bag for hand-carry is ideally suited for short distance travel, with a weight of under three kilos, including phase-change Temperature Stabilizer inserts.


    Click on PHC iP-TEC® Biomedical Live Cell Shipment solutions for further information.


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    PHCbi iP-TEC® range for live cell shipment and handling

    The iP-TEC T-25 cell medium flask features a stackable design and comes with an innovative mini scraper.

    PHCbi iP-TEC® range for live cell shipment and handling

    iP-TEC®  live cell transport well plate and dish covers use an innovative two-part design.

    PHCbi iP-TEC® range for live cell shipment and handling

    iP-TEC® X-13 transport box for temperature controlled live cell shipping.

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