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    PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 and Multigas Incubators for superior cell culturing

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    February 8th 2022

    PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 and Multigas Incubators are respected worldwide as creating the best incubator environments for precise and regulated cell culture, incorporating advanced technology and unique design features, including the exclusive IncuSafe copper enriched stainless steel interior chamber for protection against contamination.

    The wide range of PHCbi IncuSafe cell culture incubators, ranging from compact to large capacity cabinets,  all include the patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket systems that minimize condensation and allow in-vivo conditions to be replicated very closely for optimal results and reproducibility.

    IncuSafe CO2 Incubators

    Based on the revolutionary design of the original Panasonic CO2 incubator, the current range of PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 incubators use advanced technology to enable accurate temperature and environmental carbon dioxide levels, as well as oxygen levels on some models, in processing various cell cultures.

    As further anti contamination measures, so vital in a Cell Culture incubator system, these IncuSafe CO2 incubators also include the SafeCell UV (Ultraviolet) lamp system and the industry-leading H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) decontamination system.

    Multigas Incubators

    PHCbi Multigas Incubators are designed for a broad range of pharmaceutical, biomedical and clinical research applications. Again, they incorporate automatic air jacket system to control carbon dioxide and oxygen levels more precisely than a water jacketed incubator, to ensure a very stable cell culture environment.

    All Multigas incubators also use the patented Direct Heat System, which works in conjunction with Air Jacket to manage temperature through multiple warming points, all under microprocessor control.

    IncuSafe Technologies

    PHCbi’s advantages as cell incubators are based on a range of distinctive proprietary technologies:

    • IncuSafe Germicidal Interior: The IncuSafe copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interior combines the germicidal properties of copper with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
    • Direct Heat System: The direct heat system achieves an accurate, uniform, and highly responsive heated and cooled incubator temperature control within the chamber. It regulates temperature through three independent heating zones under microprocessor proportional–integral–derivative (PID) control. This control loop feedback mechanism continuously calculates an error value as the difference between desired setpoint (SP) and measured process variable (PV) and corrects using the three PID terms.
    • CO2 control by IR Sensor: The infra-red based system offers accurate and reliable CO2 measurements using a ceramic-based sensor that is unaffected by moderate changes in temperature and relative humidity and is linked to the PID controller for fast recovery times.
    • Dual IR Sensor: The single beam, dual detector IR CO2 sensor simultaneously measures sample and reference wavelengths for continuous auto-zero calibration. It thus provides continuous calibration for unprecedented control, accuracy and stability.
    • Zirconia O2 Sensor: The unique, solid state Zirconia O2 sensor delivers precise oxygen control. (1-18%; 22-80%), for physiological oxygen levels that simulate in vivo conditions in the culture incubator.
    • SafeCell UV Lamp: The optional, isolated, SafeCell UV lamp decontaminates circulating air and water in the humidifying pan, without harming cultured cells.
    • H2O2 Decontamination: The unique H2O2 contamination system delivers fast and validated decontamination. The system uses vaporized H2O2 for a minimum 6 log reduction in major contaminants and full decontamination within three hours.
    • Dual Heat Sterilization: Dual heat sterilization utilizes the incubator’s two heaters during the 180°C sterilization process, which takes 11 hours. There is no effect on temperature inside stacked incubators due to low heat dissipation so cell culturing can continue uninterrupted with no need to remove inner parts like the CO2 sensor and UV light, or recalibrate after sterilization. This allows more efficient laboratory routines with less incubator downtime. The dry heat sterilization cycle is controlled through the incubator microprocessor control system. The outer door is locked automatically upon initiation of the sterilization cycle and unlocked upon completion.

    IncuSafe Incubator range

    PHCbi IncuSafe incubator cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes and formats, from 50 liter capacity all the way up to 851 liters.

    • MCO-50AIC-PE IncuSafe CO2 Incubator: This 50-litre compact CO2 Incubator for cell culture provides an excellent small scale laboratory incubator solution , optimized for patient and/or cell line specific cultures. The copper-enriched stainless steel alloy prevents contamination during cell culture while improved temperature stability with PHCbi’s proprietary DHA (Direct Heat and Air jacket) System and PID-controlled three-way heaters provide a high-precision temperature environment, minimal risk of condensation and shortest recovery times for set parameters. When arranged in triple stackable configurations, this small incubator unit meets GLP requirements by helping to avoid patient-to-patient cross contamination in individualized patient-specific clinical incubation applications.
    • MCO-50M-PE ncuSafe Multigas Incubator: This personal-size compact Multigas Incubator features a similar triple stackable 50-litre format with variable CO2 and O2 control to simulate in vivo conditions, making it ideally suited to one-donor/one-chamber use to incubate patient cells, in-vitro fertilization, and for dedicated research project use in laboratories. The IncuSafe germicidal interior and SafeCell UV lamp combine to continuously prevent contamination during cell culturing.
    • MCO-170AIC Series CO2 Incubators: The 165 litre IncuSafe MCO-170AIC and MCO-170AICD CO2 Incubators provide an excellent balance between compact size and generous capacity while providing precise control of CO2 concentration and accurate, uniform, and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber. During cell culturing the IncuSafe germicidal interior and SafeCell UV lamp work continuously to prevent contamination. Both feature data logging, LCD touchscreen display and USB connectivity. The MCO-170AIC features optional H2O2 Decontamination while MCO-170AICD features 180C Dual Dry heat sterilization.
    • MCO-170M IncuSafe Multigas Incubators: The MCO-170M series helps to achieve more accurate results when culturing cells at physiological oxygen levels that provide a highly stable virtual in-vivo environment for highly reproducible cell culturing. Dual IR sensor provides precise regulation of CO2 levels while solid state Zirconia sensor ensures precise regulation of O2. The MCO-170M multi gas incubator is ideal for cell culturing under hypoxic conditions and is therefore ideally suited for mammalian tissue research applications, cellular therapy, stem cell research, pathophysiological studies and pharmaceutical production processes. MCO-170M incubators are available in -PE standard model, SafeCell UV lamp and UVH variant with additional H202
    • MCO-230AIC IncuSafe CO2 incubator: The 230-litre IncuSafe MCO-230AIC CO2 incubator incorporates similar features to the MCO-170AIC Series to provide precise control of CO2 concentration and accurate, uniform, and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber, along with IncuSafe germicidal interior and SafeCell UV lamp work for continuous contamination control. The greater capacity provides opportunities to use the incubator to scale up from R&D to clinical trials and manufacturing.
    • MCO-80IC IncuSafe CO2 incubator: This large-scale cell culture CO2 Incubator with its 851-litre reach-in shelved format is ideal for culturing high volumes of samples with optimum temperature and CO2 uniformity throughout the chamber and rapid recovery after door openings with exceptionally low CO2 gas consumption. The full view, double paned glass door allows easy observation of culture while the door heating system combined with specially designed air flow system prevents condensation throughout the cabinet.


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    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 and Multigas Incubators for superior cell culturing

    MCO-170M-PE IncuSafe Multigas Incubator with LCD touch screen and USB data port

    PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 and Multigas Incubators for superior cell culturing

    Scale up opportunities: MCO-230AIC-PE IncuSafe CO2 Incubator with 230 litre capacity

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