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PHCbi Biomedical Preservation Solutions

PHCbi Biomedical Preservation Solutions

Secure biomedical preservation of samples, vaccines and drugs in laboratories, clinics and hospitals demands absolute reliability, precise temperature control, energy efficiency and regulatory compliance. PHCEU meets all these demands and more with a range of PHCbi branded Ultra Low Temperature (-150oC) Freezers, Biomedical Freezers, MPR series Pharmaceutical Refrigerators, MBR Blood Bank Refrigerators and Liquid Nitrogen Cryopreservation cabinets.

The PHCbi range of Biomedical Preservation solutions encompasses six main product lines:

Cryogenic ULT Freezers

These systems operate at between -152°C and -86°C for long term storage of sensitive, high value samples. The PHCbi Cryogenic ULT Freezer range includes two products, the MDF-1156-PE with a storage capacity of 128 liters and the MDF-C2156VAN-PE (231 liters). Both incorporate new VIP PLUS insulation and double door gaskets with special foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation material for maximum cabinet protection. They share features such as high performance, quiet-running, advanced controls, high temperature warning systems, LED digital display and flat key data entry for accurate temperature setting, confirmation and operation.

Both employ specially designed cascade refrigeration system to achieve ultra-low temperature of -152ºC, incorporating highly efficient compressors for durable, stable and energy-efficient cooling and liquid nitrogen back-up systems, with the MDF-C2156VAN also using a N2 back-up system and LCD control panel.

TwinGuard ULT Freezers

PHCbi TwinGuard ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers operate at between -70°C and -86°C for safe, long-term storage of biomedical samples and other high-value materials. These solutions are offered in two ranges; the VIP ECO upright format MDF-DU302VX-PE, MDF-DU502VX-PE and MDF-DU702VX-PE and the chest format MDF-DC500VX-PE and MDF-DC700VX-PE.

All are based on VIP PLUS vacuum insulation and TwinGuard dual independent refrigeration systems, combined with optional liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2 back-up system to offer unrivalled sample protection and security.

The upright format range offers multiple shelf configurations for flexible storage options, along with the intelligent interface color LCD touch panel for full user control, even with gloved hands. All TwinGuard ULT freezers incorporate USB port for transfer of logged data to PC.

Biomedical Freezers

Operating between -20°C and -40°C, these freezers are suited for storage of vaccines, enzymes and diagnostic samples, as well as temperature and aging tests. These products include the chest format MDF-137-PE (138 liter storage capacity), MDF-237-PE (221L) and MDF-437-PE (425L) along with the upright format MDF-U731M-PE (690L) and ECO range MDF-MU300H-PE (274L) and MDF-MU500H-PE (482L). The ECO range use natural (HC) refrigerants and inverter compressors to minimize energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and minimize running costs.

MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

PHCbi MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators offer uniform storage temperature for demanding pharmaceutical, medicinal, vaccine, and other temperature-sensitive applications in the chilled/cold range at between 2oC and 23oC.

These solutions include 14 products in three ranges:

  • Sliding door glass fronted cabinets: MPR-S163-PE (158L), MPR-S313-PE (340L), MPR-514-PE (489L), MPR-514R-PE (489L with sliding racks) MPR-1014-PE (1033L) and MPR-1014R-PE (1033L with sliding racks), all featuring alarm and safety devices, high efficiency cooling compressors, microprocessor temperature control, fan-assisted air circulation, cycle defrost system, digital temperature display, door open alarm and abnormal temperature alarms.
  • Hinged door glass fronted cabinets: Sharing features such as adjustable shelves, standard alarm and safety features, HFC Refrigerant & CFC-Free Insulation, large fans and Cycle Defrost, this range includes the MPR-721-PE (684L), MPR-722(R) (671L with slide out drawers), MPR-1411-PE (1346L double door) and MPR-1412(R) (1359L with slide out drawers).
  • Fridge-freezer cabinets: This range of four products offers 2℃ to 14℃ Refrigerators combined with freezer cabinets operating at -20℃ to -30℃. It includes the MPR-N450FH-PE (Refrigerator 326L / Freezer 136L), MPR-215F-PE (176L/39L), MPR-414F-PE (349L/82L) and MPR-715F-PE (340L/82L).

MBR Blood Bank Refrigerators

The PHCbi range of MBR Blood Bank refrigerators conform to internationally recognized AABB criteria, with assured stable and reliable temperature control at 4oC, utilizing proprietary PHCbi technology, with high efficiency compressors delivering more rapid cooling and quieter performance. This range comprises the MBR-305GR-PE (302L or 120 bags), the MBR-705GR-PE (622L or 360 bags) and the MBR-1405GR-PE (1301L or 720 bags)

Liquid Nitrogen Cryopreservation

PHCEU biomedical preservation solutions also include a very wide range of Liquid Nitrogen (LN) Cryopreservation products, including Cryosystem LN2 Freezers, Isothermal LN2 Freezers, Lab Tanks, Standard LN2 Freezers, Transport Containers and Vapor Shippers.

These share features like energy efficient cascade cooling, inverter technology, TwinGuard dual cooling and VIP vacuum insulation.

Preservation Device MDD Certification

Many PHCEU products are classified as medical devices for the preservation or cultivation of human cells, tissues and blood components, according to the European Union Medical Device Directive (MDD).

PHC is certified to manufacture blood bank refrigerators, freezers and incubators as Class IIa medical devices, in line with Directives 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC.

EU MDD certification also requires PHCEU quality systems to comply with the latest global standards for medical devices according to International Organisation for Standardization ISO 13485.

Media Contact

Ton Schipperheijn, Communications Manager, PHC Europe BV
Tel: +31 76 5433 833

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