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    Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) as a highly efficient tool for peptide modification

    videosBachem AG
    November 2nd 2021

    The Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology is an innovative approach to tackle the challenging purification of complex peptides. A significant advantage is that PEC increases the speed of peptide development through parallel purifications. Therefore, PEC is particularly suited for creating diverse peptide libraries, for example, used for studying the immunogenic properties of viruses such as COVID-19.

    An additional benefit of the technology is its ability to improve the properties of the peptide drug with directed and efficient modification. The PEC technology enables a new chemical space for modifying peptides and enhances the lead finding for new peptide medications.

    Therefore, we are proud to host our partner company Belyntic in our webinar “Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) as a highly efficient tool for peptide modification”.


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