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    New KORSCH X 5 advanced Single-Sided Tablet Press delivers major productivity gains

    news-releasesKORSCH AG
    January 10th 2024

    Berlin, Germany: – Leading name in tablet press technology KORSCH AG has introduced the advanced X 5 Tablet Press as an advanced addition to its equipment portfolio for dramatically increased single sided tablet output.

    Formally launched at the Interpack 2023 expo in Düsseldorf, the new X 5 Tablet Press is a single-sided rotary press that offers output capability 20% higher than the previous flagship KORSCH XL 400, while maintaining a compact footprint, along with KORSCH’s hallmark flexibility and fast tooling changeovers.

    Tablet format flexibility

    The X 5 comes in two versions: the X 5 SFP provides dedicated single-layer capability, while the X 5 MFP offers single-layer, bi-layer, and tri-layer flexibility.  Both models share a common turret and interchangeable product contact parts for maximum efficiency and flexibility in high-speed, high-volume production environments.

    The new X 5’s innovative segmented die table design uses standard upper and lower punches, and three die table segments that can be configured for the size and shape of the tablet to be produced. For example, the standard B turret with conventional dies has 43 punch stations, and the segmented execution offers 54 punch stations, which represents a 25% increase in machine output.  The X 5 can accommodate both the conventional and segmented turret on the same machine for maximum flexibility.

    Operational Efficiency

    The X 5’s exchangeable turret technology affords extremely fast transition between products, and the ability to produce tablets of any size and shape. For precision tablet weight control at the highest press speeds, the X 5 features a long filling length and configurable power feeder that permits both 2- and 3-chamber executions.  With variable feeder speed control and a wide range of paddle options, the X 5 is geared for high-output manufacturing.

    The X 5’s large windows provide excellent visibility and ample access to the compression zone for streamlined changeover and turret exchange. This superior compression zone access, together with smooth surfaces and minimal fast change parts, yields an expedited changeover process for maximized machine uptime. The X 5 combination of high-speed and fast-change translates to unprecedented efficiency for a high-output production machine.

    Advanced features

    Incorporating KORSCH’s latest innovations, the X 5 also features an integrated electrical cabinet, torque drive, fully sealed design, and unsurpassed accessibility for cleaning, changeovers, and maintenance. Installation options include a conventional in-room layout or through-the-wall mounting.

    A multi-function column with three separate compartments houses the electrical components, the main energy supplies and the main dust extraction connection, while the water-cooled chiller serves both the torque drive and integrated electrical cabinet. The result is a fully sealed machine with no heat transfer to either the press’ compression zone, or the compression room. This closed design also eliminates potential contamination in the machine base or electrical cabinet, and further expedites the changeover process.

    The X 5 is also offered in a dry containment execution (DryCon®) version for OEB 3 and OEB 4 applications. For all containment projects, KORSCH provides a fully integrated and turnkey system, including support documentation and SMEPAC testing.

    The X 5 also minimizes both noise and vibration. A carrier plate supporting the proven KORSCH compression columns is mounted on dampers – a patented design that fully isolates vibration from the head piece and machine base. The result is significantly reduced operating noise (<80 dB(A)) and elimination of vibration transmission. The innovative retractable pre- and main compression columns mounted on the carrier plate also facilitate expedited cleaning and turret exchange.

    Pharma 4.0 Ready

    Pharma 4.0 ready with smart metrics-monitoring features, the X 5 provides a deeper understanding of the compression process. The unit’s on-board diagnostics and data-to-dashboard capabilities serve as the basis for manufacturing optimization through anticipated servicing and activity analysis, helping maximize both quality and overall output.

    The open architecture KORSCH control system is easy to integrate with central networks, and offers domain authentication, central recipe management and central batch report archiving. A standard OPC UA Server permits press parameters to be passed to a SCADA or Historian system in real time, and advanced capabilities further leverage data through secure cloud solutions for OEE assessment and predictive maintenance. Data can be shared with external systems through Cloud or VPN connection.

    About KORSCH AG

    KORSCH AG is a family-owned specialist equipment manufacturer that has evolved over the course of more than a century to become one of the world’s most respected names in tableting.

    Based on its near-unrivalled experience in tablet compression technology, KORSCH now offers a broad ranging portfolio of highly innovative products that cover almost every conceivable tablet manufacturing application, including initial feasibility and formulation research, scale-up, clinical production, and full scale 24/7 production.

    KORSCH presses are used worldwide, supported by a global network of sales and technical service specialists and innovation centers.

    KORSCH’s core business is in the design and production of tablet presses for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, with a current range of more than 12 platforms, ranging from the XP 1 Single Punch Press for R&D use to the TRP 900 Five-Layer Rotary Press built for continuous 24/7 operation.

    Since 2022, the KORSCH range has been enhanced by the addition of sophisticated STYL’One research compaction simulators from French-based MEDELPHARM.

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    Click on X 5- New Single-Sided Tablet Press for Maximum Output to learn more.


    A Specialist's Range of Products - An Innovative Solution for Every Tablet Compression Application

    New KORSCH X 5 advanced Single-Sided Tablet Press delivers major productivity gains
    New KORSCH X 5 advanced Single-Sided Tablet Press delivers major productivity gains

    X 5 SFP Dedicated Single-Layer High Speed Production.

    New KORSCH X 5 advanced Single-Sided Tablet Press delivers major productivity gains

    X 5 MFP Flexible Single, Bi-Layer and Tri-Layer High-Speed Production.

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