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    KORSCH AG: Company Overview

    products-servicesKORSCH AG
    November 30th 2023

    Founded in 1919, KORSCH AG remains headquartered in Berlin as a family-owned specialist equipment manufacturer that has evolved over the course of more than a century to become one of the world’s most respected names in tablet compression technology.

    This focus and resulting experience base is the foundation for the broadest and most innovative product line for tablet compression technology. KORSCH now offers a broad ranging portfolio of highly innovative products that cover almost every conceivable tablet manufacturing application, including initial feasibility and formulation research, scale-up, clinical production, and full scale 24/7 production.

    End to end solutions

    KORSCH’s core business is in the design and production of tablet presses for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, with a current range of more than 12 platforms, ranging from the XP 1 Single Punch Press for R&D use to the TRP 900 Five-Layer Rotary Press built for continuous 24/7 operation.

    Since 2022, the KORSCH range has been enhanced by the addition of sophisticated STYL’One research compaction simulators from French-based MEDELPHARM. Along with its strategic partnership with respected process equipment manufacturer L.B. Bohle under the banner of ‘Your Process in Mind’, this allows KORSCH to offer end-to-end solutions to almost any oral solid dose process need.

    Global reach

    Alongside its key overseas branch in the USA, KORSCH America Inc., the company has also been represented in India by a subsidiary in the city of Mumbai and Hyderabad and has a global sales and service network at its disposal to guarantee a seamless service. Furthermore, the state-of-the-technology-art KORSCH INNOVATION CENTERs in Berlin, Lyon, Boston and Hyderabad provide the perfect learning and working environment for product development, equipment trials, formulation optimization projects and other leading-edge applications.

    KORSCH defines its mission as to shape the future of tableting as a leading-edge and highly innovative supplier of state-of-the-art products, with a highly customer-focused and open-minded company ethos that allows it to rapidly evolve processes to a constantly evolving environment as a genuinely learning organization.

    Enlightened values

    KORSCH also positions itself as a long-term partner and expert consultant to enable its customers to remain one step ahead of the competition via sophisticated system solutions and services that encompass the entire production process.

    The company also fulfils its social responsibilities by embracing far-reaching ecological and socio-economic values in its operations.


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    A Specialist's Range of Products - An Innovative Solution for Every Tablet Compression Application

    KORSCH AG: Company Overview

    KORSCH AG remains headquartered in Berlin, where it was founded in 1919.

    KORSCH AG: Company Overview

    KORSCH AG manufactures some of the most sophisticated and highest speed tablet presses in the world.

    KORSCH AG: Company Overview
    KORSCH AG: Company Overview

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