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Molecular Engineering for in silico Multi-Gene Expression BioDesigns

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June 3rd 2016



ATG:biosynthetics core capabilities include high quality bioinformatics approaches for applications in drug discovery of natural product compounds, development and bio-production. Especially bioinformatics in comparative genomics and molecular genetics forms a major part of ATG activities, using proprietary software developments for detailed genomics analyses in the planning phase and realization of projects, creating the scope for broader understanding of the structural and functional constitution of genomes, individual genes and regulatory issues of gene clusters and regulatory networks of specific organisms. This allows the identification of the molecular requirements of sequences for proper and even improved function.

These all place emphasis on predictive bio-design and being able to analyze the genomes of gene source and target organisms in detail like the comparison of organism genomes in terms of ortho and paralogous pathway genes and related regulators. This constitutes the most informative sources for the discovery of new functional gene products like new enzyme specificities, for the development of new natural drug pathways in drug discovery and for the establishment of efficient high yield bio-production systems.

Epitope mapping with PepID-bioPeptides

For example in immune genomics bioinformatics for identification of potential antigens, reduction of molecular complexity and immunogenic epitopes accessible for the immune system ATG has acquired useful skills. Comparative genomics is an indispensible tool in project planning, fitting the functional realities of specific activities with protein expressing systems.

One example is use of proprietary PepID technology to perform mapping of epitopes, covering the biodiversity in pathogen bacterial and viral genomes in order to find out the most plausible antigens. In addition tANCHOR a patented protein display technology for Mammalian cells can be equipped with antigenic determinant epitopes like cancer epitopes for further analytical or therapeutic use for protein or DNA vaccines and antibody development in diagnostics and therapy. The relevant designs can be delivered by ATG to promote your R&D.

Pathway engineering and combinatorial BioDesigns with EvoMAG

The latter is realized via pathway engineering for the realization of commercial Synthetic Biology application projects. ATG’s proprietary EvoMAG (Evolution Mediated Artificial Genetics) software package was designed for in parallel processing of multiple genes and gene variant libraries from different genetic sources. This calculates by ribosomes highly accessible mRNA-structures around the translational initiation regions TIRs.

EvoMAG generates the translational initiation region with multi-target parameter improvements that impact on the general translatability of the mRNA. It is then possible to eliminate the negative impact of molecular features and motives, to allow the specific activity of the gene products like co-translational folding, and, at the level of mRNA-stability and biological half-life, to tune the number of translational events.


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