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    Bachem publishes White Paper on Microspheres and Nanoparticles

    white-paperBachem AG
    November 24th 2020

    Peptide and API specialist Bachem has published a White Paper exploring exciting potential of microspheres and nanoparticles as innovative drug delivery mechanisms.

    The White Paper Navigating the Benefits and Challenges of Microspheres and Nanoparticles for Peptide Delivery explores challenges of peptide- and protein-based new chemical entities [NCEs] including potential chemical and physical instabilities, enzymatic degradation, and their rapid elimination from circulation. Addressing these challenges has led to growing demand for more innovative approaches, notably the formulation of nanoparticles (NPs) and microspheres for peptide delivery, to enhance bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy.

    The paper is authored by Dr. Jyothi Thundimadathil, Associate Director at Bachem America’s Torrance laboratory, whose Bachem work focuses on NCE (New Chemical Entities) projects and CMC development covering peptides and related molecules. Dr. Thundimadathil has based his guide on his original research Formulations of Microspheres and Nanoparticles for Peptide Delivery in Peptide Therapeutics: Strategy and tactics for chemistry, manufacturing and controls, published in 2019.

    Overcoming NP delivery challenges

    Recent studies have shown that in creating the optimum NP drug delivery system, several factors, such as appropriate targeting ligands, surface curvature and reactivity are particularly important in potentially overcoming problems such as prevention of aggregation, stability, and receptor binding, as well as subsequent pharmacological effects of the drug.

    The White Paper covers a range of microsphere and nanoparticle aspects, including:

    • The trends driving interest in nanoparticles and microspheres
    • The use of microspheres for peptide delivery
    • The potential advantages of microsphere in controlling release, reducing frequency of administration and increasing therapeutic benefit
    • Microsphere formulation and production methods
    • Microsphere challenges such as large-scale manufacturing difficulties
    • Use of nanoparticles for peptide delivery and their advantages
    • Production of nanoparticles, particularly polymeric NPs that incorporate proteins.
    • Peptide NP formulations
    • Challenges of NP delivery systems, particularly in optimizing particle size.


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